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The Hocking College Experience

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Tutoring Session

by Tim Brunicardi

Do you want to succeed in your classes? Have you found a tutor? Are you happy with your progress during your tutoring sessions? Getting the most out of a tutoring session can sometimes be hard for students and tutors alike. Let these 10 tips and tricks help you and your tutor benefit from your tutoring sessions.

Passion Planner Donates Personal Organizers To Web App Students

by Tim Brunicardi

Students enrolled in Hocking College's Website & Application Development program this fall will receive a Passion Planner personal organizer.

Where to Find the Best Prices on Your Textbooks

by Tim Brunicardi

As an incoming college freshman or an experienced college student, you may be anxious to buy your textbooks before the first week of school. However, textbooks can average about $100 a book! If you're looking to buy your textbooks early without spending a fortune, remember these five tips to finding your books on the cheap.

Online Tutoring: How Does It Work & What Subjects Are Covered?

by Tim Brunicardi
One of the biggest challenges college students face today is trying to juggle their school work, family obligations, and work schedules. Many times trying to achieve a sense of balance between all these things can leave students with little or no free time to spare.

But what are they supposed to do if they find themselves struggling with a particular college course? How are they supposed to rearrange their already overbooked schedules to allow them to devote even more time to their studies? And if they do decide they need a tutor, where are they going to find the time to meet with someone face-to-face?

10 Ways for Students to Combat Procrastination in the New Year

by Tim Brunicardi

A new year, a new semester. And it’s easy to start off a new semester with every intention of giving your education your full and undivided attention; however, it’s also hard not to get sidetracked and begin postponing those responsibilities to the point of unintentionally putting your grades at risk.

Get a Perfect Score on the Exam: 5 Study Hacks

by Tim Brunicardi


Being able to ace your exams isn't luck, but science. There are many science-backed study hacks that have been proven to help students excel on their exams. Use these scientifcally proven college study hacks to help you do well on your tests every time.

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