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10 Ways to Cleaning Up Your Social Media Accounts

by Tim Brunicardi on March 9, 2019

If you’re a college student planning to spend your spring break looking for jobs, there are some things you might want to consider doing before starting your search. One of those things being cleaning up your social media accounts.iphone image

Why? In today's digitalized world, more and more employers are utilizing social media as a tool to learn more about job applicants. With that, you may want to rethink as to whether that photo you're tagged in or that vulgar rant you went on is suitable for a future employer to see.

With spring break coming up, now is the perfect time to give your social media accounts a much needed spring cleaning. Here are 10 ways you can clean up your social media accounts so a potential employer won't pass you up.

Make Sure Your Accounts Are Set to Private.

Go to the “Settings” section and make sure the only people who can review your past and present social media activity on your account are your friends. This way if there's content on an account that may be questionable, the public won’t be able to view it.

Delete Any Posts That Could Be Deemed Controversial.

Even though you’re entitled to your opinions on controversial issues and subjects, there’s always the chance that some sentiments you've expressed might be misinterpreted by a potential employer. In response, they could get a false impression of you that could make them decide not to hire you. So, use your best judgment and determine if anything you posted could come back to haunt you and derail your chances of getting a job.

Unfriend or Unfollow Outspoken Friends.

Friends who have a habit of posting expletive-fueled, offensive, and inappropriate comments on your social posts could give potential employers the idea that you share their seemingly radical views. Therefore, you might want to consider unfriending or unfollowing them for the time being.blond-hair-cellphone-club-1449792

Remove Any Questionable Photos of Yourself.

A compromising picture of you that might have been taken while you were intoxicated could convey to an employer that you’re more of a party animal than you actually are. In this instance, it's a good idea to delete, or at least archive, such pictures and make sure only your social media friends can view them.

Remove Negative Posts About Past Employers.

Any potential employer who discovers old posts from you that paint past bosses or coworkers in an unflattering light will give them the impression that you’re petty, vindictive, and a gossip. Sorry, but these are all qualities that no employer is looking for in job applicants.

Deactivate Inactive Accounts.

Many times teens start social media accounts that they abandon as they get older. Often these accounts are full of posts that reflect a time in their lives when they might have been a little naïve and careless about what they chose to share on social media. However, just because you haven’t used an old social media account in a while doesn’t mean it’s content isn’t still accessible and potentially damaging to your chances of getting a job. By deactivating these old inactive accounts, you could be ridding yourself of content that could stand in the way of you getting hired.

Give Your Profile Picture an Upgrade.

Instead of using a picture from your past, consider making a polished headshot of you as your new profile picture on your social media accounts. This sends the message that you take pride in your appearance and will show up to work looking polished, presentable, and professional.adult-computer-desk-1181681

Add a Bio to Your Profile.

Adding a short biography to your social media accounts lets potential employers know more about you as a person and helps you appear more open, approachable, and worthy of being considered for a job.

Start Posting Articles About the Industry You Want to Enter.

Reposting, sharing, or retweeting articles regarding an industry you plan to enter sends the message to hiring managers that you’re invested in your career choice.

Follow People Who Inspire You.

Following leaders, humanitarians, philanthropists, and innovators you admire on social media translates to potential employers what your values are and what qualities you have to offer their business.

Where Can I Get More Job Search Advice?

Regardless if you're a current student looking for an internship or an alum looking for a new opportunity, Hocking College’s Career & University Center can provide you with the help you need.

Some of the services they offer are resume reviews, interviewing strategies, workshops, etiquette dinners, and more. For more information on Hocking College’s Career & University Center, call (740) 753-6108.

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