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The Hocking College Experience

College for Veterans: Everything You Need to Know

by Tim Brunicardi

College for Veterans: Everything You Need to Know

After leaving the armed services, many veterans choose to attend college so they can learn additional skills that make them more attractive to private sector companies. Veterans have some benefits that can help complete two-year certificate programs in subjects like nursing, public safety, information technology and business.

Student Loan Repayment Options for After Graduation

by Tim Brunicardi

Student Loan Repayment Options for After Graduation

Graduation is an exciting time. All those years of study have culminated into a degree, and the student is ready to enter their chosen field.

For many students, graduation marks a transition into a career with a higher salary, better hours, and less labor-intensive work than what that student would enjoy without their diploma, but it also comes with another very adult issue – student loan repayment.

The Benefits of Working During College

by Tim Brunicardi

The Benefits of Working During College

It’s not uncommon for students to have to work through college in order to afford tuition, books and living expenses. Even those who get financial aid for tuition often need to work part-time to make ends meet.

As it turns out, working during college has several benefits that students of all ages can appreciate in the long run. Here’s why getting a job in college can be a good move that pays off in many ways.

10 Benefits of Internships

by Tim Brunicardi

You may have several opportunities to take an internship during your college career. While you might be tempted to take a summer vacation before the fall semester, you gain many benefits when you opt for an internship instead. You might give up some free time over the summer, but you end up in a strong position post-graduation due to your efforts. Speak with your university's career services center for more information and resources on internship options for you.

Office Administrative Service Program: How to Become a Virtual Customer Service Rep

by Melissa Atkins, Office Administration Faculty

Hocking College understands the changing landscape of the workforce. That's why we offer the Office Administrative Service Program, which prepares its students with highly marketable skills that meet the needs of today's increasingly online marketplace with an office administration degree.

Banding Together: Choir and Band Classes Offered at Hocking College

by Tim Brunicardi

Students looking to march to the beat of a different drummer should check out two new musical offerings at Hocking College.

Preserving History: Summit held at Robbins Crossing

by Tim Brunicardi

David Muran, RVC Archtects, Inc.,; Dave Sagan, Hocking College; Colin Widdoes, RVC Architects, Inc.,; Ron Black, former Hocking College employee; Tom O’Grady, Southeast Ohio History Center; Chris Black, Past Hocking College employee; Jason Szostek, Hocking College; Norm Fox, former Robbins Crossing site director and faculty member; Robert Schmoll, Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad; David McPherson, Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad; Kathy Temple-Miller, Hocking College faculty; Barney Grueser, Antique American Log Cabins; Lynne Newell, Southeast Ohio History Center; Sean Terrell, Hocking College; Trent DeBruin, Hocking College; Barbara Powers, Ohio Historic Preservation Office; and Tim Traxler, Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area.

Hocking College hosted a summit on May 22 to discuss options for preserving the Robbins Crossing historical area located on campus.

Accounting and Financial Services: What Can You Do Now?

by Christina Gater, Accounting Faculty

Accounting and Financial Services: What Can You Do Now?

A two-year accounting and financial services degree opens up many opportunities for a new graduate to pursue.

Whether you are about to graduate or you are simply looking ahead to see what options a two-year degree in this subject could create for you, the following information could help you make some smart choices for your future.

Hocking College Celebrates the 105th Police Academy Graduates

by Tim Brunicardi

To Serve and Protect...

Following three months of intensive training and study, 27 graduates of Hocking College’s Police Academy were honored and recognized by the College, friends and family at a ceremony held on May 5.

Why You Should Consider Hocking College's Medical Assistant Program

by Dawn Shingler AAS, CMA (AAMA)

Why Become a Medical Assistant?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the medical assistant field will grow 23 percent between 2014 and 2024, much more rapidly than the average line of work. There are several reasons for this.

First, the baby boomer population is aging and requiring more preventive services. This trend is expected to continue, creating a high demand for physicians. To accommodate the growth, physicians will need to employ more medical assistants capable of performing clinical tasks and routine duties to free up physicians for more advanced work.