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The Hocking College Experience

Come One, Come All: Athens Community Arts & Music Festival is This Weekend

by Tim Brunicardi

Looking for something to get into this weekend? Jump on the GoBus and hit up the 1st Annual Athens Community Arts & Music Festival!

Spice Up Your Life With a Career in Culinary Arts

by Tim Brunicardi

Qualified culinary arts professionals are currently in high demand; however, becoming a member of this profession requires more than just a passion for cooking and baking. The following blog explains some of the physical requirements, what employers are looking for, and what your job opportunities will be should you decide to follow this career path.

9 Reasons Why Joining a Campus Club is Beneficial to You

by Tim Brunicardi

In addition to getting a good education, one of the major benefits of being a college student is the friendships you’ll establish with your classmates. However, the demands of being a post-secondary student can be incredibly time consuming. Most often, this leaves students with very little time to devote to socializing.

Design on a Dime: 15 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Without Breaking the Bank

by Samantha Crist

Moving on campus is a large expense for most families, but decorating your dorm doesn't have to be expensive.

Our team has taken to Pinterest to compile 15 ways to decorate your dorm without breaking the bank (and incurring fines in the process).

New-Collar Jobs Offer Opportunities & Job Security

by Tim Brunicardi

Currently, one of the fastest growing niches in the job market involves the creation of new-collar jobs, but what exactly is that?

T-shaped Professionals: What Is It & How To Become One

by Tim Brunicardi

What do Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King Jr., and Warren Buffett all have in common? They were all “T-shaped” professionals.

Hocking College Student Center Now Offering SilverSneakers Program

by Tim Brunicardi

Hocking College is proud to announce its new partnership with Tivity Health to provide the SilverSneakers program at the Hocking College Student Center.

Hocking College’s Culinary Arts Program Has the Recipe For Success

by Tim Brunicardi

If your goal is to become a culinary arts professional, then Hocking College’s Culinary Arts program will teach you all the skills you need to succeed in this competitive field.

Meet Hocking College's Director of Laboratory Sciences & Undergraduate Research, Dr. Jonathan Cachat

by Tim Brunicardi

Hocking College was recently awarded a provisional license as a medical cannabis testing laboratory by the Ohio Department of Commerce (ODC). The lab will function under the direction of Jonathan Cachat Ph. D., who was named the school’s Director of Laboratory Science & Undergraduate Research in September 2017.

Hocking College's Fall 2018 New Student Orientation

by Tim Brunicardi

Hocking College will be hosting two New Student Orientations for incoming students in order to provide them with the necessary tools they need to succeed in college. During these orientations, which are scheduled for Sunday, August 12 and Friday, August 24, students will learn what expectations they’ll need to meet, what resources will be available to them, and how the Hocking College faculty and staff can guide each student down their own pathway to prosperity.

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