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The Hocking College Experience

Tim Brunicardi

Recent Posts

Do You Have “The Right Touch” to Become a Massage Therapist?

by Tim Brunicardi

Massage Therapists perform therapeutic massages on soft tissues and joints, and may assist in assessing range of motion and muscle strength, or propose client therapy plans.

Massage therapy is an extremely competitive profession.

Get Official: Become an Office Administrator

by Tim Brunicardi

Chances are that no business-oriented success story would exist were it not for the efforts of dedicated office administrators.

Are you up to the challenge of helping a business or organization reach, and potentially far exceed, their full potential? Do you enjoy working in an office environment? It sounds like you should become an officer administrator.

Why Hocking College: International Student Programs

by Tim Brunicardi

One of the most overwhelming aspects of being an international student has to be deciding which college to attend in their new adopted country.

With all of the international student programs currently available to them across the globe, why should international students make the choice to attend Hocking College?

"Claim" Your Future and Become an Insurance Agent

by Tim Brunicardi
If you consider yourself to be a self-starter, enjoy making a difference in the lives of others, and are the kind of person who would appreciate the opportunity to build your own business clientele, then becoming an insurance agent might be the ideal career for you.

Become a Natural Resources Law Enforcement Officer

by Tim Brunicardi

Are You A Natural to Become a Natural Resources Law Enforcement Officer?

Students who might be contemplating getting involved with natural resources should ask themselves the following questions before deciding to become a natural resources law enforcement officer:

Is Becoming an Addiction Counselor Your Calling?

by Tim Brunicardi

Addiction counselors work with people struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders and many other behavior-related problems.

As an addiction counselor, your primary role will be to provide treatment and support to individuals struggling to overcome their addictions.

Online Resources: College for Veterans

by Tim Brunicardi

If you're looking to return to school once you've completed your enlistment, there are many opportunities available to you.

The following five resources are some of the best options available to help veterans pursue and finance a degree.

Everything You Need To Know About Ohio Peace Officer Training

by Tim Brunicardi

Ohio Peace Officer Training is a great opportunity to develop real-world skills and expand your career options.

Learn more about the Ohio Peace Officer Training, the requirements, and the benefits to your career outlook here.

How To Survive Your First Semester Of College

by Tim Brunicardi

Whether you’re fresh out of high school, or you’re entering college after time spent working or raising a family, making the transition to college life can be a challenge. It’s a whole different world, and there’s a lot to learn in addition to your academic studies.

Not sure where to start? Try these tips to survive your first semester of college.

Get Involved With Drug Addiction Counseling

by Tim Brunicardi

Substance abuse disorders are incredibly pervasive, affecting people of every age, gender, race and socioeconomic background. In 2016, 48.5 percent of Americans ages 12 and up reported using illicit drugs, according to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health.

In that same year, 80 percent of people 12 and older reported using alcohol. Once a person becomes dependent on alcohol or drugs, they require intensive treatment to recover.