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Dean’s List Acknowledges Students For Academic Excellence

by Breanna Horn on December 17, 2020

In order to make the Dean’s List, students need to be in good academic standing and achieve a term GPA of 3.5 or higher, and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

A full list of students who made Hocking College’ Autumn 2020 Dean’s List can be found below.

Margaret Bergstrom       Somerset, OH

Shane Barbini       Logan, OH

Jim Hahn       Logan, OH

Christopher Riddle       Athens, OH

Joseph Cannon       New Lexington, OH

Mary Farley       Logan, OH

Misty Miller       Albany, OH

Coy Lehman       Little Hocking, OH

Virgil Conley       Logan, OH

Rachel Popp       Wellston, OH

Sara Richey       Athens, OH

Carin Poore       Nelsonville, OH

Lee Brooks       Nelsonville, OH

Daniel Mohler       Chillicothe, OH

Brandy Cassidy       Athens, OH

Courtny Fulk       Corning, OH

Crystal Craig       Junction City, OH

Casey McClellan       Lancaster, OH

Kevin Lawrence       Athens, OH

Samantha Schrader       Logan, OH

Courtney Reid       Nelsonville, OH

Laura Moorhead       Glouster, OH

Jennifer Pyle       Buchtel, OH

James Grimmett       Crooksville, OH

Lauren Denner       Wilkesville, OH

Alicia Wells       Nelsonville, OH

Andrew Brown       Jackson, OH

Shanika Thompson       Reynoldsburg, OH

Samantha Metzger       Junction City, OH

Brooke Sampson       New Straitsville, OH

Courtney Hooper       Glouster, OH

Heidi Windle       Wellston, OH

Kasandra Wallace       Athens, OH

Kelsey Vanscyoc       Logan, OH

Christi Roman       Amesville, OH

Holly Hayman       Lancaster, OH

Caitlin McCabe       South Bloomingville, OH

Justin Bridges       Charlotte, NC

Brooklyn Vore       Glouster, OH

Sara Moyer       Bremen, OH

Daniel Pontius       Logan, OH

Nicholas Price       Nelsonville, OH

Makayla Barnhart       New Lexington, OH

Darrian Crosby       Amanda, OH

Jade Norris       Athens, OH

Rhiannon Kline       Athens, OH

Pamela Hopkins       Logan, OH

Nikki Kirk       Nelsonville, OH

Kelsey Prater       Athens, OH

Logan Rose       Junction City, OH

Bonnie Skillman       New Lexington, OH

Brendon Williams       Pomeroy, OH

Samuel Hubert       Nelsonville, OH

Hannah Cline       Nelsonville, OH

Michelle Carter       Lancaster, OH

William Finnearty       The Plains, OH

Joseph Hubschman       Dublin, OH

Bridget Selotlegeng       Athens, OH

Veronnika Hardin       Nelsonville, OH

Elizabeth James       Logan, OH

Alisha Hiles       New Lexington, OH

Mark Harris       Athens, OH

Christopher Carlin       Pomeroy, OH

Brianna Galvan       Rockbridge, OH

Katie Russell       Nelsonville, OH

Hope Youtsey       Murray City, OH

Tina Dulaney       Lower Salem, OH

Holly Bartgis       Blue Rock, OH

David Hasting       Millfield, OH

Jacob Hazelbaker       Springfield, OH

Nicole Hudnall       Albany, OH

Nathanael Hoover       Pomeroy, OH

Atul Amin       Columbus, OH

Makya Milhoan       Pomeroy, OH

Olivia Ives       Glouster, OH

Brittany Farley       Logan, OH

Kylee Ooten       Obetz, OH

Lincoln Bender       Logan, OH

Rachel Horn       Lancaster, OH

Reece Gold       Nelsonville, OH

Cole Luburgh       Zanesville, OH

Skyla Coleman       Westerville, OH

Johanna Gilkey       Albany, OH

Jacob Cunningham       Guysville, OH

Gracen Graham       Creola, OH

Leah Myers       Corning, OH

Bryce Gates       Amesville, OH

Jamie Franklin       Coolville, OH

Emma Frazier       Nelsonville, OH

Sophia Gadrim       Nelsonville, OH

Emily Rosser       Logan, OH

Kiley Entler       Glouster, OH

Natasha Fisher       Logan, OH

Stanleigh Archer       West Liberty, OH

Hannah Williams       Shade, OH

Jordan Beyer       Pleasantville, OH

Kristin Spain       Nelsonville, OH

Joshua Shumaker       Lancaster, OH

Kari Arnold       Racine, OH

Haylie Sheets       Nelsonville, OH

Tiffany Smith       Pomeroy, OH

Landon Earick       Bellefontaine, OH

Kayleigh Patton       Gahanna, OH

Heidi Hopstetter       Millfield, OH

Peyton Rowe       Rutland, OH

Maggie Rhoads       Circleville, OH

Clay Davis       Blanchester, OH

Rachael Smith       Chillicothe, OH

Jazz Parker       Nelsonville, OH

Megan Wahus       Lima, OH

Andrew Reynolds       Powell, OH

Breanna Benton       Nelsonville, OH

Bradley Zimmerman       Glouster, OH

Dylan Hahn       Troy, OH

Mary Ridenour       Racine, OH

Laura Doughty       Logan, OH

Cara Magnacca       Westerville, OH

Kayla Peebles       Medina, OH

Elizabeth Elliott       Albany, OH

Solomon Swager       Albany, OH

Elizabeth Howard       Albany, OH

Kory Kostival       Athens, OH

Anthony Hahn       Logan, OH

Danae Shaw       Somerset, OH

Nikolas Rolon       Lancaster, OH

Adzuki Albano       Albany, OH

Rachael Bahl       Nelsonville, OH

Laura York       Amesville, OH

Joshua Wigal       Columbus, OH

Summer Hartman       Nelsonville, OH

Delaney Johnson       Athens, OH

Rebecca Snouffer       Crooksville, OH

Megan Bolte       Powell, OH

Emma Smith       Middletown, PA

Kyle Arnett       Logan, OH

Jasper Jones       Logan, OH

Ethan Schrader       Logan, OH

Trey Slack       Logan, OH

Jhediah Bragg       Logan, OH

Sidney Dunfee       Millfield, OH

Kylee Koska       Athens, OH

Sora Evans       Logan, OH

Brenna Tippie       Athens, OH

Brian Peacock       Heath, OH

Alexandria Reeder       Plain City, OH

Eric Ballein       Waverly, OH

Sarah Gloyer       Lancaster, OH

Bailey Towery       Millfield, OH

Rachel Gill       New Lexington, OH

Nicole Chappelear       New Straitsville, OH

Andrew Wade       Lancaster, OH

Seth Rinderle       Versailles, OH

Logan Holdren       Circleville, OH

Emily Elam       Franklin, OH

Cole Adams       Racine, OH

Zeen Misner       Glouster, OH

Patricia Jones       Nelsonville, OH

Matthew Santurello       Thornville, OH

Zebadiah Meyer       Nelsonville, OH

Rebecca Lambert       Geneva, OH

Jamie Allman       Dunlow, WV

Christian Smith       Nelsonville, OH

Brianna Kuhl       Canal Fulton, OH

Tayler Mayle       Amesville, OH

Hattan Al Yerime       Athens, OH

Hailey Condon       Nelsonville, OH

Samantha Tarby       Columbus, OH

Hannah Frye       Wilmington, OH

Mikahla Claussen       Athens, OH

Hunter Racine       Nelsonville, OH

Max Hooper       Glouster, OH

Alex Coffman       Glouster, OH

James Troup       Pleasantville, OH

Destiny Saxon       Chillicothe, OH

Zachary Taylor      Nelsonville, OH

Alexander Taylor       Nelsonville, OH

Sarah Davis       Malta, OH

Zeinab Hayek       NULL, NULL

Emily Ulbricht       Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Matt Sylvester       Lancaster, OH

Macenzie James       La Rue, OH

Hunter Muller       Creston, OH

Evan Rowland       Columbus, OH

Seth Schuman       Dover, OH

Makayla Abram       Murray City, OH

Shannon Klemens       Canton, OH

Kathryn Kozel       Nelsonville, OH

Elizabeth Samson       Newark, OH

Cameron Manz       Beavercreek, OH

Caitlin Harley       Crestline, OH

Shea Bramlish       Canal Winchester, OH

Eli Karst       Adelphi, OH

William Adams       Lakewood, OH

Madeleine Wixom       Archbold, OH

Jennifer Richards       Washington Court House, OH

Dream Freeborn       Chesterhill, OH

Josiah Allan       Tipp City, OH

Marissa Gonsiewski       Nelsonville, OH

Aleesha Tingler       Bristolville, OH

Rachel Ralston       Tippecanoe, OH

Paige Fox       Athens, OH

Starr Hart       Nelsonville, OH

Paola Ducharme       Nelsonville, OH

Samantha Sorg       Glenford, OH

Austin Schauer       Centerburg, OH

Adam McCutcheon       Vincent, OH

Brianna Snodgrass       Nelsonville, OH

Macy Galaviz       New Marshfield, OH

Ethan Snyder       Jackson, OH

Levi Brandeberry       Rio Grande, OH

Michelle Doerzbacher       Nelsonville, OH

Jenna Cook       Lancaster, OH

Jennifer Thompson       Logan, OH

Caleb Jacomet       Stockport, OH

Keiten Jones       Huron, OH

Theodore Smith       Waterford, OH

Tyler Shuler       Nelsonville, OH

Steve Turon       West Farmington, OH

Arianna Howe       Nelsonville, OH

Jeffrey Smith       Etna, OH

Jenna Bailey       Lancaster, OH

Caleb Sparks       W Bloomfield, MI

John Shiflet       Columbus, OH

Shyanne Waller       Albany, OH

Christopher Hahn       Logan, OH

Christian Easton       Cincinnati, OH

Madilyn Thress       Chillicothe, OH

Fiona Sheller       Athens, OH

Benjamin Hershberger       Urbana, OH

Emily Bunce       Pomeroy, OH

Hannah Horner       South Webster, OH

Victor Ziegert       Granville, OH

Thomas Palsgrove       Troy, OH

Tyler Stull       Nelsonville, OH

Ryan Davis       Columbus, OH

Jordan Stewart       New Concord, OH

Baylee Nutter       Lancaster, OH

Derek Sigler       Wooster, OH

Sarah Bunce       Pomeroy, OH

Travis Cooper       Moraine, OH

Sean Finlay       Athens, OH

Peyton Campbell       Pt Pleasant, WV

Dylan Stinson       Warrensvl Hts, OH

Jeffrey Yinger       Springfield, OH

Celeste Baker       Coolville, OH

Adam Hammond       Mc Arthur, OH

Madison Reichardt       Guysville, OH

Arryon Smith       Euclid, OH

Mikhail Reiman       North Canton, OH

Ean Shonkwiler       Portsmouth, OH

Emily Carte       Thornville, OH

Michael Hogan       Athens, OH

William Stevens       Columbus, OH

Nathan Becker       The Plains, OH

Ryan Baird       The Plains, OH

Wyatt VanDyke       Clarksburg, OH

Austin Factor       Dublin, OH

Chad Blankenship       Hillsboro, OH

Ian Keller        Medina, OH

Ashley Smith       Columbus, OH

Arik Mayeran       Pickerington, OH

Ryan Archey       Youngstown, OH

Kamie Meier       Logan, OH

Noel Howick       Duncan Falls, OH

Jaylon Jackson       Pickerington, OH

Christopher Hall       Warren, OH

Erin Flannery       Columbus, OH

Elanna Fernandes       Logan, OH

Alexis Gang       Albany, OH

Ian Wickmann       Logan, OH

Colton Wyckoff       Logan, OH

Hana Duncan       Nelsonville, OH

William Shockey       Gallipolis, OH

Bryanna Cooper      Athens, OH

Graham Grant       Mount Perry, OH

Taylor Cossin       Nelsonville, OH

Lilian Bunner       Plain City, OH

Taryn Smith       Laurelville, OH

Jordan Miller       Baltic, OH

Desiree Fetherolf       Laurelville, OH

Dustin Batts       Sardinia, OH

Mary Price       Goshen, OH

David Keesee       Ray, OH

Zoie Jackson       Zanesville, OH

Rebecca Locke       New Lexington, OH

Brandon Russell       Pomeroy, OH

Branden Young        New Bremen, OH

Nadia Policoff       Cambridge, OH

Daniel Brown       Toledo, OH

Natasha Berga       Little Hockng, OH

Craig Nihizer       Logan, OH

Madison Southworth       Lucasville, OH

Ilana Sark       Pickerington, OH

Barbara Storts       Stoutsville, OH

Autumn Mayle       Chesterhill, OH

Dylan Downing       Chillicothe, OH

Samantha Ward       Lancaster, OH

Kenzie Elliott       Nelsonville, OH

Jack Nagucki       Glouster, OH

Alexander Drown       Maumee, OH

Rachel Stewart       The Plains, OH

Elise Whited       NULL, NULL

Savannah Hite       Chillicothe, OH

Jazmin Cruz       Elyria, OH

Kaitlin Havens       Beaver, OH

Natalie Wahl       Zanesville, OH

Madysen Henry       Ashville, OH

Cross Perdue       Huntington, WV

Anderson Shust       Athens, OH

Gia Gross       Mc Arthur, OH

Kaylyn Evanich       Proctorville, OH

Madison Long       Minerva, OH

Hayden Shook       Coshocton, OH

Madeline Linscott       Millfield, OH

Jonna Cantwell       Macksburg, OH

Andrew Shackelford       Athens, OH

Alexander Spondike       Painesville, OH

Sarah Farmer       Trotwood, OH

Makaira Wittekind       Vincent, OH

Elliott Mechling       Girard, OH

Tamika Mayle       Stewart, OH

Brian Spencer      Oregon, OH

Trey Schaller       Albany, OH

Kariann Smart       Sinking Spring, OH

Ryan Dailey       Freeport, OH

Thomas Hutchinson       Hillsboro, OH

Cade L'Huillier       Lancaster, OH

Garrett Cesario       Cadiz, OH

Austin Fowler       Coshocton, OH

Savannah Henderson       Clarksville, OH

Zoe Thees       Saint Henry, OH

Addison Wardwell       Blanchester, OH

Josie Higginbotham       Frankfort, OH

Cy Marchese       Columbus, OH

William Karolyi       Spring Valley, OH

Courtney Cornell       Frankfort, OH

Morgan Hall       Columbus, OH

Brianna Sowers       Laurelville, OH

Cade Allison       Maplewood, OH

Alexandria Kessler       Lancaster, OH

Mitchell Carpenter       Lowell, OH

Cole Steele       Racine, OH

Olivia Tharp       Nelsonville, OH

Ethan Pariseau       Jackson, OH

Colton Gilmore       Cheshire, OH

Katelyn Hughes       Wapakoneta, OH

Matthew Gaines       Oak Hill, OH

Bradyn Tomlin       Buchtel, OH

Alexandra Herbert       Millfield, OH

Peyton Binkley       Zanesville, OH

Emilee Neekamp       Gallipolis, OH

Katherine Dupree       Chauncey, OH

Nathan Byers       Nelsonville, OH

Alivia Stump       Laurelville, OH

Andrew Bradley       Nelsonville, OH

Tanner Bolen       New Marshfield, OH

Morgan Goodling       Ashville, OH

Colson Barnett       Columbus, OH

Cody Paugh       Painesville, OH

Austin Masterson       Mc Connelsville, OH

Nina Timoh       Blacklick, OH

Dylan Kaylor       Gahanna, OH

Ellis Grizenko       Centerburg, OH

Kylee Cessna       Clearville, PA

Nicholas Carr       The Plains, OH

Kyle Euman       Nelsonville, OH

Diana Zerface       Junction City, OH

Laiken Walters       Guysville, OH

Alexandra Schostek       Aurora, OH

Kimberly Laughman       Pleasant Hill, OH

Cole Holden       Fayetteville, OH

Hannah Scholl       Bremen, OH

Connor Vaughn       Toledo, OH

Hunter Grimes       Ravenna, OH

Seth Sheridan       Lancaster, OH

Conor Malloy       Westerville, OH

Kevin Fausnaugh       Circleville, OH

Heidi Moulton       Nelsonville, OH

Nathaniel Ruhl       Mount Gilead, OH

Konnor Learn       Youngstown, OH

Jason Paynter       Painesville, OH

Bradley Skinner       Athens, OH

Landon Prowant       Continental, OH

Eric Ferguson       Albany, OH

Natalie Locke       New Lexington, OH

Zachary Johnston       Columbus, OH

India Armour       Campbell, OH

Alec Kurth       Mc Arthur, OH

Karen Caldwell       Albany, OH

Owen Gaddis       New Lexington, OH

Emersynn McGuire       Millfield, OH

William Anderson       Plain City, OH

Tyler Crotinger       Sunbury, OH

Alexis Parks       Grove City, OH

Simon McAllister       Groveport, OH

Charles Penix       The Plains, OH

Madison King       Nelsonville, OH

Abbie Brennan       Zanesville, OH

Katelyn Kuper       Chillicothe, OH

Andrew Barhorst       Sidney, OH

James Quinlan       Lancaster, OH

Treston Simonson       Marysville, OH

Christopher Norris       Nelsonville, OH

Kelly O'Neil       Mentor, OH

Zachary Joseph       Chillicothe, OH

Emily Beha       Amesville, OH

Lydia Beha       Amesville, OH

Russell Simmen       Chauncey, OH

Christian Shover       New Franklin, OH

Cesar Nobles       Porterville, CA

Laikyn Imler       Glouster, OH

Evan Curry       Hilliard, OH

Hannah McClain       Nelsonville, OH

Justin Oliver       West Farmington, OH

Briana Orsborne       Glouster, OH

Grant Hohenstein       Athens, OH

Kristopher Bowman       Signal Mtn, TN

Jeff Aime       Palm Bay, FL

Mackenzie Hurd       Nelsonville, OH

Vanessa Kemper       Crooksville, OH

Amanda Crum       New Springfield, OH

DeAnna Shockey       Shade, OH

James Loy       Lancaster, OH

Erin Meindl       Grove City, OH

Terry Winans       Parkersburg, WV

Christopher Ringfield       Cleveland, OH

Najayah Shepherd       Reynoldsburg, OH

Lauren Parrish       Hiram, OH

Byron Snively       Rayland, OH

Matthew Rabbitt       Oregon, OH

Sage Helon       Cutler, OH

Samuel Scheidecker       New Straitsville, OH

Janelle Hitchcock       Patriot, OH

Maria Arje Richmond       Athens, OH

Maizie Frantz       Dalton, OH

Keely Hartshorn       Laurelville, OH

Jamilla Davis       Pickerington, OH

Lauren Tumblin       Nashport, OH

Amelia Jenne       New Marshfield, OH

Alyssa Graham       Lewis Center, OH

Mohammed Alhawiti       Athens, OH

Charles Russell       Mason, WV

Brayden O'Dell       Lima, OH

Jade Baker      Zanesville, OH

Carlee Lehman       Little Hocking, OH

Robert Boldon       Athens, OH

Aynsley Zamarelli       Lancaster, OH

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