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The Hocking College Experience

Life After High School: Pursuing a Post Secondary Education

by Tim Brunicardi

What is Post Secondary Education?

Post secondary education is any form of education beyond high school. Technically this covers everything from technical and vocational schools, to four-year colleges, universities and graduate schools.

How To Prepare for Winter Weather in Ohio

by Tim Brunicardi

Winter weather in Ohio is known to be unpredictable. In the months leading in and out of winter, it can be 50 degrees one day and 12 the next. Because of this unpredictability, it's important to always prepare for winter weather.

Christmas Gift Ideas for College Students: What They Really Want

by Tim Brunicardi

When Christmas rolls around, so does the gift-giving season. But when you're looking for Christmas gift ideas for college students, you want to give them stuff they actually want.

Use these Christmas gifts for college students to get them the things they didn't even know they needed.

A Parent's Guide: What to Expect of Your First Generation College Student

by Tim Brunicardi

Congratulations! You're about to send your child to college. While you're justifiably proud, you're also a little concerned about how your child will fare and how you'll manage the cost. Here are some tips on how to help make your child's experience a happy, healthy, successful one as a first generation college student.

Parents Only: What You Need to Know About Financial Aid

by Hocking College Contributing Writer

Welcome Hocking parents! Whether this is your first time experiencing the college financial aid process or if you have walked this road before, we want to help make the financial aid experience as seamless as possible and provide the resources you will need throughout this process.

Leaving the Nest: How to Cope With Your Child Leaving For College

by Tim Brunicardi

When it comes to your child leaving for college for the first time, this is one of those experiences that is both exciting and daunting.  For parents, in particular, it can be a time of mixed emotions.