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If you're a college student with no significant plans for the winter break, now is the ideal time to begin searching for a temporary holiday job.

How should I begin my job search?

  1. Post your resume on job sites like Indeed or Glassdoor and start applying for temporary jobs that seem interesting.
  2. Start networking by asking your friends and family if they know of potential job openings over the holidays.
  3. Read your local want ads and reach out to any local employers who might be looking for temporary help.
  4. Check any bulletin boards in your community for potential job opportunities.
  5. Two weeks after you start applying for jobs, start sending a polite follow-up email to every employer you contacted. 

What sort of short-term jobs should students be considering?

The following are several short-term employment options job-seeking students might consider that could tide them over until they return to school. A few of these options are as follows:

  • Babysitting: With single-parent households on the rise, there are bound to be plenty of parents in your community who need someone to watch their children while they're at work and the kids are still on Christmas break
  • pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3907306Retail: Both before and after Christmas, retail businesses are always in need of extra help-especially in their gift wrapping and exchange departments.
  • Pet Sitting: Many times during the holidays, people who travel can't bring their pets along. Also, since many pet lovers aren't comfortable leaving their beloved pets in a kennel, they need someone responsible who will be willing to take care of their cat or dog till they return.
  • House Sitting: Unfortunately, while holiday travelers are away, they return to discover their homes have been broken into. Many people who travel over the holidays use house sitters to discourage any potential thieves for their peace of mind.
  • Snow Shoveling: Many people don't have the time or energy to perform necessary tasks like shoveling their driveway in today's hectic world. If you're in good physical shape and own a shovel, you could inquire if any of your friends, family and neighbors could use your snow removal services. 
  • Telemarketing: If you would prefer working indoors over winter break, becoming a telemarketer will give you a chance to make some money and potentially work from home.
  • Food Service Industry: Over the holidays, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and fast food establishments are always in need of people to cover all their different shifts and work holidays
  • Uber Driver: Reliable Uber Drivers are always in demand. This is especially true for job candidates who would be willing to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. 
  • Christmas Light Removal: As soon as Christmas is over, many people and businesses want to take their Christmas lights down ASAP. You could pick up some extra money by offering to help them out.
  • Tutoring: If there's anyone you know who is struggling in a subject you happen to excel in, perhaps you should consider offering to tutor your friend for a reasonable fee.

Have you checked out Hocking College's Job Board?

If you're a current student looking for full-time employment after you graduate, you should check out Hocking College's Career and University Center's Job Board!

Regardless of whether your field of study was Allied Health and Nursing, Art, Business and Science, Natural Resources, Public Safety, or Workforce Development, the job board is here to promote positions that any graduate or current student at Hocking College would be qualified to fill!


First, job seekers need to visit the Career and University Center Job Board.

Next, they can start searching for jobs either by degree program or job title.

Each job posting provides students with the following important job-related information:

  • Company Name
  • Salary
  • Job Description
  • Educational Requirements
  • Application Instructions
  • Contact Information
  • Company Website Information
  • Position Posting Date
  • Expiration Date

Currently, the Career and University Center's Job Board lists over 150 positions waiting to be filled. The following is just one example of one of the many jobs this service has to offer:


Company: Ohio Valley Bank

Salary: N/A

Location: Gallipolis, OH

Job Description: 


  • This person would be responsible for assisting in the administration of the Bank's network and computer systems.
  • Troubleshooting end-user and network problems, managing special projects and updating system as directed.
  • They would also create/update notes and maintain file server procedures.
  • We are looking for someone with Microsoft Office experience, great people skills, organizational skills and who is able to lift 75 lbs. or more.
  • This person must be able to work in a team environment and occasional travel is required.
  • This job also has pushing, pulling, sitting, stooping, standing, climbing, and crawling.
  • Ohio Valley Bank offers a generous benefits package.

Educational Requirements: 

Cyber Security & Network Systems

Application Instructions:

Apply At: https://www.ovbc.com/

Contact: Terri M. Camden AVP-Human Resources Officer Human Resources Ohio Valley Bank 740-578-3503

Website: https://www.ovbc.com/

Posted Date: 4/23/2019

Expiration Date: Until Filled


For more information on Hocking College's Career and University Center's Job Board, contact Student Employment Manager Robert Bowser at bowser@hocking.edu or 740-753-6120.

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