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The Hocking College Experience

7 Advantages Of Becoming A Registered Nurse

by Tim Brunicardi

The History of Nursing.

Nursing has a rich and noble history with roots that can be traced back to the early Roman Empire and Middle Ages. Over time the ongoing contributions of advocates like sanitation reform pioneer-and founder of the modern nursing movement-Florence Nightingale, have helped nursing evolve into the challenging, rewarding and highly regarded profession it is today. Although no one can deny the contributions modern technology has made to the advancement of this profession, at its core nursing has always been a career that hinges on one person’s ability to gain another person’s complete confidence and trust.

What's the Catch? Becoming a Fish Management & Aquaculture Specialist

by Tim Brunicardi

Are you planning to pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Fish Management and Aquaculture Sciences degree? If so, below is a list of academic and physical requirements, job perks, career options and the benefits of studying at Hocking College.

What Does a Fish Management & Aquaculture Specialist Do?

These professionals play a huge part in keeping our ecosystem balanced by monitoring fish populations, regulating their environments, checking for irregularities in water, staying informed regarding environmental laws/regulations and making sure fish habitats are properly maintained. They also make it possible for the fishing industry to remain in business and provide jobs to their millions of employees.

The Overflowing Opportunities in Water/Wastewater Management

by Tim Brunicardi

In high school did you excel in math and science? Would you be interested in a job that would not only benefit your community, but the entire planet as well? Does the prospect of following a career path that’s literally overflowing with opportunities for advancement sound tempting? Then you should become a wastewater manager.

If so, then you should become a wastewater manager by getting an Associate of Technical Study in Water and Wastewater Management.

Give it a Shot: Here's What It Takes to Become a Registered Nurse

by Tim Brunicardi

Do you want to become a registered nurse (RN)? The choice to pursue a career in this field will require applicants to perform certain job responsibilities and possess several qualities.

Web Development Program Focuses On Hired Education

by Tim Brunicardi

If you want to become a web developer, but learning in a traditional classroom setting doesn't appeal to you, Hocking College’s new Website and Application Development Program Manager, Wided Salhi, might change your mind.