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Hocking College is designated by the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education as an Entrepreneurial School; in fact, it was named the nation’s first Higher Ed Entrepreneurial School in 2019. As an entrepreneurial school, Hocking College not only prepares students for careers in the workforce by providing hands-on classroom experience, it also offers students the opportunity to work in student employment positions while in college, often working in their field while studying.

Hocking College offers employment opportunities for students both on-campus and in community service programs such as America Reads. The jobs around campus may include working in facilities, the cafeteria, specific department offices, and others. A list of all Student Employment jobs can be found in the Office of Student Employment

Types of Student Employment

Hocking College Student Employees could be funded one of three ways:

  • Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a form of employment as well as Federal Financial Aid, and like other forms of financial aid, you must indicate your interest in employment on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Hocking College Work Scholarship (WS) is designed to assist the student who is in need of immediate financial assistance to cover the gap left after financial aid has been applied. Work Scholarship students will work to pay back this amount.
  • Regular Part-Time (RPT) Student Employment is for those students who do not meet the criteria for FWS, or the Work Scholarship, but still wish to work.

All three types of employment are considered Student Employment and all positions are part-time with a maximum of 16 hours per week.

Relevant, Hands-on Work Experience

In addition to the financial incentives to become a student employee, one of the most enticing reasons to apply to be a student employee is to gain hands-on work experience while in school. Students employed by Hocking College are exposed to a professional work environment where they develop many of the important transferable work skills that help college graduates prepare for the challenges of the workforce. Students who apply for student employment can request to be assigned to a job role that best matches their career goals: Film & Video Production students may be hired by the Marketing Department to produce promotional videos; Parks and Museum Education students can be selected to work at one of the outdoor educational sites that Hocking College operates, including the Nature Center, Robbins Crossing or Lake Snowden. 

One of the largest student employers on campus is the Facilities Department, which includes construction and project management as well as indoor facilities, grounds maintenance and repairs. Students in the Facilities department come from programs in Construction Management, Heavy Equipment Management, Welding and more.

Meet Bryan Lutz

Executive Director of Facilities and Skill Trades Chair Bryan Lutz supervises Hocking College’s Facilities, Construction and Project Management Departments, including the student workers that are employed in those departments.

Bryan LutzOriginally from Portsmouth, OH, Lutz was first introduced to Hocking College through the Workforce Development and Education Opportunities programs.

Collectively, Lutz has earned an Associate’s Degree in Construction Management from Hocking College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Studies from Ohio University and a Master’s Degree in Workforce Development and Education Career Tech Education from The Ohio State University.

Lutz officially became an employee of Hocking College in 2015 and recently celebrated his sixth anniversary as a staff member of the college. In that time, he has held the following job titles:

  • Department Chair
  • Construction/Natural Resources
  • Director Facilities and Construction 
  • Executive Director of Facilities and Skilled Trades

When asked what aspect of his job Lutz enjoys the most, he replied “Providing students with the facilities, opportunities, education and training necessary to provide both employment pathways and become sustainable career-oriented professionals”.

Lutz can be seen leading and training students through hands-on repairs, working alongside facilities, or meeting with college administration to grow and develop plans for Hocking College’s future.

Anyone wanting to contact Bryan Lutz can do so by reaching out to him through of one of the following options:

To apply for student employment, visit https://www.hocking.edu/student-employment. For more information about student employment at Hocking College, contact Kim Coy, Director of Student Employment at one of the following:

Launch Your Career Apply today to Hocking College