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The Hocking College Experience

Hocking College Men's Basketball Team Welcomes 2019-2020 Recruits

by Hocking College Contributing Writer

The Hocking College Hawks Men's Basketball Team is looking forward to another exciting season with a roster full of fresh faces. With recruiting in full swing, 14 players have now committed to Hocking College for the 2019-2020 season and more are expected to sign in the coming months.

10 Resume Tips for Graduates to Help Stand Out

by Tim Brunicardi

For some, the first resume after graduation will be the first they ever create. For others, graduation will be a welcome addition to an already existing resume. Either way, you will want your resume to impress potential employers. Follow these 10 resume tips for graduates to help your resume stand out.

Things To Do Near Hocking College in May

by Hocking College Contributing Writer

There's a lot more to the month of May than just graduations and Mother's Day. From a Moonshine Festival to a romantic canoe ride under the moon, here's a list of things to do near Hocking College this May.

ICYMI: Hocking College Hosts Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Workshop

by Hocking College Contributing Writer

Hocking College hosted an Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation workshop on Sunday, March 31. Wildlife Rehabilitation, or the process of nurturing orphaned and injured wildlife back to health, interests many people from all walks of life. From what people watch on television, wildlife rehab can appear to be a very glamorous activity, with volunteers gracefully freeing bald eagles into the sky and caring for adorable baby animals.

However; in reality, rehabilitation of wild animals involves around-the-clock care, and the understanding that many animals do not survive or are unable to be released back into the wild. Thus, it’s truly a labor of love, but can be very rewarding for those passionate enough to put their heart and souls into these animals.

What Took Place at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Workshop?

April 2019 Spring Game

by Hocking College Contributing Writer

4TH Annual Blue vs. Gold Spring Game

The 4th Annual Blue vs. Gold Spring Football Game will take place on Saturday, April 27 at 1PM at Polley Field located in Nelsonville, OH. This event is free & lunch will be provided. A live DJ will be performing throughout the day, along with contests and prizes at halftime.

1st Half Rules and Scoring

Two 12 play drives
3 plays to gain 10 yards = 1 Point Offense
3 plays to keep Offense under 10 yards = 1 Point Defense 

Student Loan Repayment Options for After Graduation

by Tim Brunicardi


Graduation is an exciting time. All those years of study have culminated into a degree, and the student is ready to enter their chosen field.

For many students, graduation marks a transition into a career with a higher salary, better hours, and less labor-intensive work than what that student would enjoy without their diploma, but it also comes with another very adult issue – student loan repayment.

How Tech Clubs Are Teaching Students Valuable Life Skills

by Hocking College Contributing Writer

According to an article on Education Dive, tech clubs in public schools are helping students obtain essential business and leadership skills.

Things To Do Near Hocking College in April

by Hocking College Contributing Writer

Spring has officially sprung! With warmer temperatures in the air, it's time to get outside and enjoy it. Here are several fun things for you to do near Hocking College this April.

6 Ways to Stay Motivated in College After a Break

by Tim Brunicardi

Let’s face it — for many college students the prospect of going back to school after a long break is anything but inspiring. Although the opportunity to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen for weeks might sound inviting, for others the concept of going from rest and relaxation, back to a syllabus-dominated world filled with schedules, assignments, and commitments leaves some feeling somewhat unmotivated.

Spring Break 2019: 8 Tips To Hotel Safety

by Tim Brunicardi

Of all the rites of passage that go along with being a college student, perhaps none of them compares to experiencing spring break for the very first time. Traditionally, this is a time when students take a vacation from their studies, head to the nearest beach, and share an inexpensive hotel room with their best friends.

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