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Caden Cox is a freshman at Hocking College, pursuing an Associate of Technical Study degree with a focus on Canine Programs and Performing Arts. He is a kicker on the Hocking College Hawks Football team, a member of the Theater club, and a student employee on campus.

On September 11 2021, Hocking College Hawks football played against Sussex Community College at their first home game in Nelsonville, Ohio. In that game, Caden Cox was the first individual with Down syndrome to play in an NCAA or NJCAA college football game. He also became the first player born with Down syndrome to score a point in an NCAA or NJCAA college football game when he scored the 35th point with an Extra Point kick after a Hawks touchdown.

Cox has been playing varsity football since High School, where he played as a kicker following in his older brother’s footsteps. He attended Freemont Ross High School where he was awarded “Player of the Game” during his Senior Homecoming game. His older brother Zane Cox was also a kicker who played in Hocking College’s inaugural football team in 2015 and now coaches Division 1 Football. 

FootballvSussex-93Caden Cox is also the first student-athlete at Hocking College to enter into a Name, Image, & Likeness contract with a local business. Starting in July 2021, the NCAA and NJCAA allowed student-athletes across the nation to begin entering into Name, Image & Likeness contracts with private businesses for the first time in College Athletics history. This new policy allows student-athletes to receive financial compensation or sponsored products from private companies by entering into contracts in accordance with state & local laws and individual college policies. Hocking College quickly began writing a new policy for its student-athletes in regards to the new procedures, establishing guidelines for NIL contracts between local businesses and Hocking College NJCAA athletes. In September 2021, Cox entered into a contract with Rocky Brands.

At the same home game on September 11, the halftime celebration included an announcement regarding the new contract between Hawks Kicker #21 Caden Cox and Rocky Brands. The following was announced at the game: 

“Rocky Brands is bringing on TikTok star Caden Cox to the team as a Rocky Ambassador by signing the new NIL Amateur Athlete Contract. With over 306,000 followers on TikTok and 4.4 million likes, Cox is Nelsonville’s very own celebrity. Cox has been dancing anywhere and everywhere on TikTok since 2019. His hashtag #WheresCadenCox has over 11 million views. With the username @kickingitwithcaden, he has been bringing smiles to so many as he performs the most popular TikTok dances all around town with teammates, friends, family, and anyone else in the community who wants to join him…Rocky is excited to welcome Cox to the team and support him as he dances his way around town.”

Caden Cox is excited to keep playing in the 2021-2022 Football season with his team, and to continue dancing on TikTok alongside Rocky Brands. You can follow Caden Cox on TikTok @kickingitwithcaden to see his dances and keep up with his endeavors. Cox also has a discount code at Rocky Brands - enter code KWCC21 at checkout for 21% off!

About Hocking College

With more than 50 associate degree programs to choose from, Hocking College serves more than 3,000 students. Set in the scenic town of Nelsonville, Ohio, the 2,300-acre institution is rich in history, nature, art and culture. Hocking College also has the Perry Campus located in New Lexington, Ohio, and the Logan Campus in Logan, Ohio. In addition to the school's on-campus residents who attend Hocking from throughout the United States and around the world, local students commute from all over Southeastern Ohio. For more information on Hocking College, visit www.hocking.edu.

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