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Hocking College to Offer Agroecology Major

by Tim Brunicardi on August 10, 2017

Hocking College is offering an exciting new program this coming fall!

Agroecology is a 2-year degree program that will train students in soil remediation methods, sustainable growing techniques, and cutting edge developments in organic and sustainable agriculture. Students will find out everything they need to know on what Agroecology is.

Hocking is partnering with a microbe-based remediation company based in Columbus called Alpha-Omega, as well as with a non-profit foundation that will operate a farm adjacent to Hocking College. This allows us to be the only 2-year college in Ohio to offer an Agroecology program of this kind. 

If you are interested in agriculture and dream of having your own organic farm, or if you want to work in the growing fields of sustainable agriculture and soil remediation, this program is for you.

What is Agroecology Hocking College


These 6 goals of the Agroecology degree are designed to give students a working knowledge in several aspects of sustainable agriculture and soil ecology.

  1. Employ Agroecology principles to support environmental sustainability. Preventing the degradation of water, air, soil, or other natural resources.
  1. Apply scientific concepts and practices within the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and geology to methods of sustainable farming and farm management.
  1. Use technology and current research to solve complex or changing agricultural problems.
  1. Develop plans to survey, protect and sustain existing wildlife as well as domestic animals on the farm.
  1. Collect, analyze, and evaluate environmental and economical methods of farming to design successful and viable farm management and marketing plans.
  1. Construct and defend a personal land ethic that embodies sociological, ecological, and agrarian principles.

Agroecology Course Descriptions

AG 1230 Indoor Crop Production I

Learn to design, build and manage climate‐modifying structures to increase and diversify crop productivity, lengthen growing seasons, and create new market opportunities.

AG 1240 Outdoor Crop Production I

Experience the possibilities in farming today by surveying the past and present. Learn the techniques for creating a sustainable farm for the future. Field trips and hands‐on projects will introduce you to cover crops, no till agriculture, market gardening, composting, and sustainable management.

AG 1310 Irrigation and Water Treatment

This class explores passive and technical water collection, storage, and irrigation techniques. Students will learn to assess the water needs of a farm and homestead, evaluate the land for opportunities, and implement an efficient whole farm water system, with emphasis on conservation and responsible water management.

AG 1350 Entrepreneurship/AG Business Management

Explore the opportunities in agricultural entrepreneurship. Evaluate market potential, assess opportunities and threats and create a viable farm/agriculture business plan to present to potential funders, partners, and staff.

AG 2101 Agroforestry and Perennial Agriculture

The importance of trees in the health of the earth cannot be underestimated. Learn the diversity of crops, arrangements and opportunities presented by tree crops and perennial agriculture. Through afforestation, bringing trees back onto farms, and responsible forest management to create a sustainable future.

AG 2160 Animal Husbandry

Comprehensively explore animal husbandry, from species and breed selection to hands on lessons in fence building, feeding, processing and more. Learn the fundamentals of various animals, their role in an integrated farm, and how to profitably manage and market sustainably raised livestock.

AG 2220 Farm to Table

Put your best table forward! Don't just grow food ‐ sell it! Increase your farm’s ability to efficiently handle, price, and market your products to the consumer. This course will highlight tips and tricks for improving market presence and increasing sales to restaurants and small retailers.

AG 2230 Indoor Crop Production II

Evaluate market opportunities and design, build and manage structures to fill specialty niches. Take an in‐depth, hands‐on look at starting plants indoors, growing greens year round, mushroom cultivation, and specialty crops

AG 2240 Outdoor Crop Production II

Learn to manage soil, water, and land over time to create a farm ecosystem. Hands‐on experience at a variety of farms combined with experience in the student garden, provide real life experience in sustainable agriculture.

AG 2270 Pest Management and Control

This class explores the dangers of overuse of pesticides and builds skills to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy focusing on building soil and plant health, using cultural practices, constructing physical barriers, and when necessary utilizing minimal targeted pesticides. Want to learn more about Hocking College? Click here.

     For more information on Hocking College's Agroecology Program contact Program Manager Sasha Sigetic by email: sigetics@hocking.edu or by phone: (740) 753-6283.

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