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The Hocking College Experience

Agroecology Students Host Farm-to-Table Event

by Tracey A. Maine

On Wednesday, October 10, 2019, students in Hocking College’s Agroecology department held a Farm-to-Table brunch at historic Robbins Crossing from 11AM-Noon.

A Farm-to-Table event is a unique dining experience that encourages guests to sample foods that have all been grown, processed and prepared locally.  

The Growing Impact of Biodynamic Farming

by Tim Brunicardi

One of the most increasingly popular trends in the farming industry is biodynamic agriculture.

Hocking College Welcomes New Agroecology Program Manager, Sasha Sigetic

by Tim Brunicardi

Hocking College recently welcomed the new Agroecology Program Manager, Sasha Sigetic.

Hocking College & Tri-County Partner to Cultivate New Garden Project

by Tim Brunicardi

Community Food Initiatives, which is a recent partnership between Hocking College’s Agroecology program and Tri-County Career Center’s (TCC) Culinary Arts program, will be supplying local non-profits and food banks with fresh, home-grown vegetables.

Why You Should Consider Hocking College For An Agroecology Degree

by Tim Brunicardi

Nestled in the foothills of Appalachia, surrounded by the beauty of Wayne National Forest, Hocking College is an exceptional two-year college that will prepare you for the next step in your educational evolution.

Become an Agroecologist: What Are The Academic Requirements?

by Tim Brunicardi

Depending on what your career goals are, the academic requirements for jobs in the agroecology field can vary. For instance, those who are interested in becoming an organic farm certification specialist, or an agricultural inspector, should probably pursue an associate degree. However, if you are more interested in a director/ administrative position, more years of formal education are often necessary.

What Job Opportunities Can You Get With An Agroecology Degree?

by Tim Brunicardi

Sustainabilitywhich is the main focus of agroecology, is becoming more and more widespread. Jobs in this field are growing, and students who get an agroecology degree from Hocking College will be able to fill the following job titles:

What Is Agroecology?

by Tim Brunicardi

Have you heard of the term Agroecology? Have you ever wondered what is agroecology? Agroecology is the study of agriculture from an ecological perspective. This unique form of science is based on the recognition that agricultural areas are ecosystems that interact with and influence those neighboring them. The discipline of agroecology provides novel solutions where resources are limited.

Hocking College to Offer Agroecology Major

by Tim Brunicardi

Hocking College is offering an exciting new program this coming fall!

Agroecology is a 2-year degree program that will train students in soil remediation methods, sustainable growing techniques, and cutting edge developments in organic and sustainable agriculture. Students will find out everything they need to know on what Agroecology is.

Hocking is partnering with a microbe-based remediation company based in Columbus called Alpha-Omega, as well as with a non-profit foundation that will operate a farm adjacent to Hocking College. This allows us to be the only 2-year college in Ohio to offer an Agroecology program of this kind. 

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