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What To Wear As A Massage Therapist

by Tim Brunicardi on July 14, 2018

The practice of massage therapy can be traced back thousands of years ago to ancient Egypt. Back then massage therapists were referred to as “healers.” Their job was to use essential oils and perfumes in a holistic manner that encouraged patient’s bodies to heal themselves.health and wellness

As for their uniform, healers wore either a draped kilt or an embroidered robe, sandals, elaborate jewelry, extreme
make-up, and extravagant wigs.

Since then this profession has evolved from its humble beginnings into a prosperous 16 billion-dollar industry. In addition, much has changed regarding what massage therapists wear to work. Unlike their professional ancestors, the massage therapists of today take a more functional approach to their work attire.

What should a massage therapist wear?

Instead of kilts, robes, jewelry, and wigs, massage therapists today usually wear medical scrubs, yoga gear, or athletic wear that adheres to the following fashion rules:

  • Is comfortable but also looks professional
  • Is conservative & not provocative
  • If wearing scrubs, they should be monochromaticmassage-therapist
  • Flexible and fitted with a neckline no more than two inches below the collarbone
  • Both tops & pants should never be too short or too tight
  • Pants should have an elastic waist
  • Socks should be loosely woven diabetic socks

What kind of personal appearance should a massage therapist have?

When it comes to their personal appearance and grooming habits, massage therapists should stick to the following guidelines:

  • Always appear clean, neat, and well groomed
  • Always have some breath mints on hand
  • Always use deodorant
  • Keep your nails properly manicured
  • Tie back long hair
  • Don’t wear any jewelry that could potentially distract from the massage or injure your client
  • Be sparing with perfume or cologne
  • Wear minimal makeup
  • Cover any glaring tattoos

What kind of shoes should a massage therapist wear?

Anyone planning to become a massage therapist might want to avoid wearing sandals or flip flops to work. Instead, they should opt for footwear that meets the following:

  • Comfortable
  • Slip resistant
  • Breathable
  • Have a springy sole
  • Have a flexible outsole

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy, check out Hocking College’s Associate Technical Degree in Massage Therapy or the Massage Therapy Certificate.

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