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Everything You Need To Know About A College's Work-Study Program

by Tim Brunicardi on June 30, 2018

It’s no surprise that college is expensive, but what if scholarships, grants, and loans just doesn’t cover it all? Work-study positions are here to help alleviate the stress of paying for college.

Work-study jobs are employment opportunities available to students on a financial need basis. A student can notify their college or university about their interest in a work-study position through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Who Is Eligible For Work-Study?

When students fill out and submit their FAFSA form to their college or university, students can indicate on the form that they are interested in acquiring a part-time student job at the institution. However, eligibility is based on many factors. Just because a student indicated that they would like a work-study job doesn't guarantee them one. FAFSA helps determine scholarships, financial outlooks, and other financial demographics that a student is subject to. Essentially, FAFSA determines how much financial help a student is in need of to pay for college.

Work-study jobs are available to students with the most financial need. However, this does not completely favor or discriminate against students from different financial backgrounds.

How Does A Student Get A Work-Study Job?


Although a student may indicate that they would like a work-study job, it does not guarantee employment for the academic year. Students interested in a work-study job will have to seek out the job through their college or university’s job services, and also attend an interview with their prospective employer. Some jobs require a certain skillset, knowledge, or other credentials that employees must meet. Most of the time, students acquire work-study jobs that pertain to their major or area of specialized study.

How Are Students Paid?

Work-study jobs are subsidized by the federal government. That is, the college or university receives money from the government to help employ students. When a student is hired for a work-study job, their earnings are not automatically deducted from their tuition. Students are paid with a check the same way that they would be paid at a regular job. Student employees have the freedom to spend their money however they want. Most students use money from their work-study job to pay for everyday expenses and other small bills.

How Much Can Students Make?

FAFSA helps to determine how much a student can make based on their financial standings. For example, if a student’s FAFSA letter indicates that they can make up to $1,000 in an academic year, then a student cannot make more than $1,000 from a work-study job. If there are still two weeks left in the semester and a student has already reached their maximum pay, then that student can no longer work, or their employer can make plans to pay that student without the government’s subsidized money. The employer will pay the student with their own means. Students are guaranteed to make the government’s minimal wage. However, certain work-study positions get paid at a higher rate and some positions even come with certain benefits.

How Long Do Students Work?

For the majority of work-study jobs, students are employed for the whole academic year as long as they keep good standings with their employer and are not dismissed. Students typically work between 10-20 hours a week and cannot exceed more than 20 hours a week during the semester. However, during winter and spring break, students can work up to 40 hours a week.

But How Can Students Find The Time To Work?

Work-study student employees work in between classes. Employers are flexible with their hours and try to accommodate students’ schedules as much as possible. Because the employer is the college or university, they make sure that a student’s education is of the highest priority.

Hocking College knows that college can be expensive and that is why they make every opportunity available to its students. If you would like to learn more about the work-study program offered at Hocking College, contact the Human Resources department by phone at (740) 753-6181.

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