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You're Fired! 5 Ways To Handle Getting Fired

by Tim Brunicardi on April 25, 2018

There may come a time in your life where you'll have to face the humbling prospect of getting fired from a job. However, what many don’t realize is how you handle losing a job can have a major effect on when, and if, you ever get hired again.

Below are some action-based suggestions that can help you handle losing your job without potentially making a bad situation much worse.

Set A Time Limit On Your Pity Party

Being fired from any job would certainly be a major blow to anyone’s ego. However, the longer you continue to wallow in self-pity the harder it will be for you to move on. By setting a time limit on how long you can feel sorry for yourself you’ll be able to force yourself out of the "poor me" phase and back into the job market much sooner.

Don’t Vent On The Internetgetting fired and venting on web

No matter how tempting it might be to slander the person who fired you on social media, avoid doing this at all costs. Even though you think only your “friends” on social media will be able to read what you post, there’s always the chance your former employer might know someone who has seen what you post. When this happens, your chances of getting any kind of reference from them will be slim to none.

Don’t Play The Victim

Even though your first instinct might be to see yourself as the victim in this situation, avoid going down that road. Instead try taking a step back and looking at the situation from an objective point of view. Rather than blame your boss for your firing, try and consider where you might have been in the wrong. Take a closer look at the part you played in your dismissal by asking yourself questions like “Was their anything I wish I had done differently?” Once you have identified your part in your dismissal, use this information to stop yourself from repeating those same behaviors at your next job.

Distance Yourself From Former Coworkers

Although it might feel comforting to have your former coworkers reach out to you to convey their sympathies, this is the last thing you need especially if they say things like, “You getting fired was so unfair” and “Our boss was an idiot to let you go.” Instead of helping you to move on, comments like these will only nurture any ill feelings you might have towards your former boss.

Keep Future Job Interviews Strictly Professional

Once you start going out on job interviews again, the subject of your dismissal is bound to come up. At this point you might feel compelled to get defensive and begin painting a mental picture for the person interviewing you that’s far from objective. But in this situation it’s best to stick to the facts, admit your part in your firing, and not say anything negative about your former employer. Taking this route will make you look more professional, and less petty and vindictive.

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