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Becoming A Morning Person: 12 Tips On How To Get Out The Door Quicker

by Tim Brunicardi on March 28, 2018

For many students, the key to making a successful transition from high school senior to college freshman hinges on their ability to adapt to a series of major life changes. Some of these changes include becoming more independent, taking on more responsibility, and becoming more accountable for their actions and choices.

However, perhaps the most agonizing change college students struggle with involves them rearranging their sleeping habits. While they might have been able to burn the midnight oil back in high school, they’ll soon discover that being a college student, and a night owl, can often hurt a freshman’s GPA.

Therefore, the following series of blogs will attempt to guide students through the process of becoming a morning person, ending with some suggestions to help students get up and out the door much faster.

Step Three: How to Get Up and Out The Door Quicker

  • Get up ASAP! As soon as your hear your alarm go off you should immediately jump out of bed and begin your day.
  • Start the Coffee. Making a pot of coffee will fill your room with an enticing aroma that will help get your senses going.
  • Do some exercises. By doing something as simple as running in place, or attempting a few jumping jacks, you’ll help stimulate your body and brain activity.
  • Drink some water. Consuming a big glass of water will help clear your head and make you feel more hydrated.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Consider having something light and filling like fruit, yogurt, or a whole grain muffin. If you opt for something like a bowl of sugary cereal all you’ll get is a sugar rush, followed by a sugar crash.becoming a morning person - cold shower
  • Take a cool shower. Although hot showers may be relaxing, if the water is too warm all you’ll do is make yourself feel more restless. Taking a cooler shower will help you wake up faster and feel more invigorated.
  • Use scented body wash. Using a fragrant body wash will make you feel more alert and appeal to your sense of smell.
  • Use a cleansing conditioner. Instead of using a traditional shampoo and conditioner to wash and detangle your hair, give a cleansing conditioner a try. This two-in-one product will give you the exact same result and helps get you out of the shower faster.
  • Wrap your hair in dry towel. After you shower, wrap your hair in a dry towel instead of blowing it dry. Not only will this be healthier for your hair, but it will help your hair dry quicker.
  • Get a shower mirror. By purchasing a shower mirror, men can shave and women can wash their faces in the shower. This will help the members of both sexes save even more time in the morning.
  • Purchase micellar water. In case you haven’t already tried this product, micellar water allows you to cleanse your face much quicker than other facial cleansing products. After you shower, take a cotton pad or ball and drench it with micellar water. Next gently swipe the cotton pad/ball over your face. Best of all, no rinsing is required afterwards.
  • Take a deep breath. After you get dressed, take a deep breath before you head out the door. This will give you a moment to clear your head, review your schedule, and hopefully remember anything you might have forgotten if you had raced out the door in a mad rush instead.

Lastly, never forget that becoming a morning person is a process, not an event. The more dedication you apply to leaving your old night owl habits behind, the sooner you’ll start to greet each day with a smile, or at the very least a cheerful grin.

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