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About seven weeks ago, the Hocking College campus was a flurry of excitement as students moved in, eager to begin their journey toward career fields they feel passionate about. During the past weeks, students have been immersed in hands-on learning experiences and discovered everything their programs have to offer.


They've also been adjusting to the realities of college. Some of the excitement from move-in has probably started to wear off as students realize there is a lot of work to do. They might feel overwhelmed juggling multiple college-level classes, adjusting to leaving home, friends, family, and all that is familiar, to a new environment where everything feels strange. 


Some students struggle with time management skills, having trouble with roommates, not making friends as fast as they hoped, or missing home. All of these scenarios can cause students anxiety and stress. 


What can parents do if their student is struggling? 


First, don't panic or think something is wrong with your student if they are struggling. Your student needs your support and encouragement more than ever right now. They need to be reminded that college is a transition, any transition is a change, and change can be stressful. And even if they are feeling all these things, it doesn't mean college isn't for them.


Encourage your student to get involved in school activities and clubs. According to bestcolleges.com, if students get involved in their school, it lessens those feelings of homesickness. Hocking has a variety of clubs available for all students. Talk to your student about stepping out of their comfort zones to meet new people. If they keep putting themselves out there, they will make new friends. 


When parents have honest conversations during this transition period with their students, it helps them navigate this new territory. But parents also need to give their students space to figure things out independently, advocate for themselves, and get involved in the school and its programs. 


How can the college help?

Hocking College has resources available to all of its students to help if they are struggling with academics, need someone to talk to about a problem, or if a student wants to make sure they are pursuing the right career.


The Career and University Center can help students explore different careers, ensuring they are on the right track. Their office is a perfect first stop for new students or students who want to make sure they are in the right program for the career they want to pursue. These Career Planning Resources can also help. 


TRiO provides student-centered support to first-generation and/or low-income students who might not otherwise have the opportunity or personal support to complete post-secondary education. TRiO can help with the following:

  • Academic Advising
  • Tutoring (Peer and Professional)
  • Educational Counseling to improve Financial Literacy
  • Information and Assistance in applying for the FASFA
  • Transfer Assistance and Advising
  • Career Exploration and Preparation
  • Student Development Workshops

Students interested in TRiO Services can contact TRiO Director, Molly Watson at watsonm10970@hocking.edu or by phone at 740-753-7159.


The Academic Success Center is where learning communities can form. Attend a study skills seminar, enjoy the quiet of our Quiet Study Room, or work with our tutors. However you prefer to study, we have a space for you. 


The Hawks Center for Well-Being realizes that for everyone to perform at their peak level, physical, mental and emotional health come into play. The Counseling Center offers brief individual therapy to students for personal concerns. Most students who can meet their goals quickly are seen for one or two sessions. Many students find that the initial meeting is all they need to explore and clarify their feelings and options.


And for when students need to get active, the Student Center at Hocking College has a workout area, pool, indoor track, a rock wall, ping-pong tables, and other activities for students. There are also pickleball courts, disc golf, and a driving range on campus. These are fun activities to share with their roommate or new friends.


With continued encouragement from parents and the support resources available, Hocking College will feel like a home away from home in no time.  

Image of man reading at desk. Text that says "Need help studying? Click here to find a tutor at the Academic Success Center."