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The Hocking College Experience

12 Things for Working Parents to Remember When Going Back to School

by Tim Brunicardi

Did you know that today (September 16) is National Working Parents Day? The purpose of this unofficial holiday is to celebrate mothers and fathers who hold down a job, in addition to raising their children. It's also a tribute to those working parents who hope to improve their family’s financial situation by going back to school and pursuing a college degree.

6 Tips For Safe Online Shopping This Labor Day

by Tim Brunicardi

With Labor Day sales coming up and Cyber Monday not far behind, it's important that students, faculty, staff, and the community practice safe online shopping habits as they begin ordering from their favorite retailers.

7+ Reasons to Consider Adding a Certificate to Your College Degree

by Tim Brunicardi

If you are looking to enter a new career or looking to give your resume a competitive edge, earning a certificate might just be your best bet. Not only are certificates easy to complete, but they also allow you to refine your skills and knowledge in ever-growing job markets.

Everything You Need to Know About the Ohio Transfer Module

by Tim Brunicardi

Designed for students still deciding on a major or those who know that they'll eventually transfer to a different college or university, the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) is a student’s greatest resource to earn college credit while still saving money and time.

8 Easy Steps to Scheduling College Classes

by Tim Brunicardi

The next semester of college is on the horizon and it’s time to schedule classes again. Scheduling college classes is something that most students find daunting and confusing. Whether this is your first time scheduling classes or your fourth, follow these eight easy steps to make scheduling painless and stress-free.

10 Helpful Strategies For When You Feel Overwhelmed

by Tim Brunicardi

There is no handbook on what to do when you feel overwhelmed. Everyone has times when they've felt stressed. Chances are, at some time in their life, you have experienced the suffocating feeling that you have taken on way more responsibility than you can handle. This can leave you feeling paralyzed like a deer in the headlights.

A Parent's Guide: What to Expect of Your First Generation College Student

by Tim Brunicardi

Congratulations! You're about to send your child to college. While you're justifiably proud, you're also a little concerned about how your child will fare and how you'll manage the cost. Here are some tips on how to help make your child's experience a happy, healthy, successful one as a first generation college student.

What You Need To Know Before Going Back To School After Kids

by Tim Brunicardi

While your young family is certainly one of the big joys of your life, the pitter-patter of little feet can make it hard to concentrate when it comes to hitting the books. Though going back to school after having kids is a challenge, it’s also the best way to make sure you can provide your children everything they need.

College for Veterans: Everything You Need to Know

by Tim Brunicardi

After leaving the armed services, many veterans choose to attend college so they can learn additional skills that make them more attractive to private sector companies. Veterans have some benefits that can help complete two-year certificate programs in subjects like nursing, public safety, information technology and business.

Preserving History: Summit held at Robbins Crossing

by Tim Brunicardi

David Muran, RVC Archtects, Inc.,; Dave Sagan, Hocking College; Colin Widdoes, RVC Architects, Inc.,; Ron Black, former Hocking College employee; Tom O’Grady, Southeast Ohio History Center; Chris Black, Past Hocking College employee; Jason Szostek, Hocking College; Norm Fox, former Robbins Crossing site director and faculty member; Robert Schmoll, Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad; David McPherson, Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad; Kathy Temple-Miller, Hocking College faculty; Barney Grueser, Antique American Log Cabins; Lynne Newell, Southeast Ohio History Center; Sean Terrell, Hocking College; Trent DeBruin, Hocking College; Barbara Powers, Ohio Historic Preservation Office; and Tim Traxler, Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area.

Hocking College hosted a summit on May 22 to discuss options for preserving the Robbins Crossing historical area located on campus.

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