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Being a college freshman is an exciting time. You're embarking on a new journey here at Hocking College that will lead you to a fulfilling career or a four-year school to complete a bachelor's degree. Being a first-year student can also be stressful. This is probably the first time you've lived on your own and had decisions to make about your future. To make the transitions a little smoother and to get the most out of your college experience, we have 10 tips to help.

Tip #1 Get to know your classmates. 

College is the time when you'll meet new people, and you have the opportunity to make new friends. Make as many new friends as you can. You're all in the same situation transitioning to a new environment and the demands of college. Don't feel those feelings alone, this experience can bond you with your classmates.  


Tip #2 Go to class. 

Attending class is always important in college, but especially here at Hocking, because instruction is very much hands-on. You will miss important information and informative discussions if you routinely skip class.


Tip #3 Get to know your professors and instructors.

The professors and instructors here at Hocking are experts in their fields with a wealth of knowledge. Get to know them and learn from their experiences. These are the perfect individuals to ask questions to and gain valuable information and insight into your field.


Tip #4 Study. 

Yes, study. You might have been able to skate through high school without cracking a book or really studying, but putting in the effort and time now will pay off later when you're looking for a job. So spend the time to learn everything about your program. Find a good study spot on campus. That might be your dorm, the library, or anywhere you find where you're able to focus and get work done.


Tip #5 Get organized.

In college, no one will hold your hand through your program. Your instructors and professors expect you to be on top of your assignments and turn work in on time. Figure out a system or process to help you stay organized. A simple agenda where you write down due dates for assignments or dates of quizzes and tests will work. 


Tip #6 Ask for help if you need it. 

Reach out to your instructor, professor, program manager, or someone in student services if you are struggling and need help. There are resources available at the school to help you succeed. No one will know you need help unless you reach out and ask, so if you need assistance, let someone know.  


Tip #7 Take care of yourself. 

Another responsibility for you while at school is taking care of yourself. Getting enough sleep and eating well should be a priority, as well as getting some exercise. The Student Center is the perfect place with everything you need to get a workout. Hawks Nest Dining has nutritious meals available throughout the day and snacks to take with you for later. 


Tip #8 Look into career services. 

The Career and University Center at Hocking can help you explore different careers to make sure you're on the right track. It's never too soon to explore career options available to graduates of your program. They also help students with cover letters and resumes. The Career and University Center also has information on articulation agreements with colleges if you want to transfer after graduation to complete your bachelor's.  


Tips #9 Step out of your comfort zone. 

College is also the time to try new things. Hocking has several clubs and organizations to get involved in and meet new people. Hocking has an FFA collegiate chapter, as well as a Marketing Club, Rainbow Alliance, Collegiate Horsemen's Association(CHA), Epicurean Club, Fashion Club, Forestry Club, International Club, Performing Arts Club, Wildlife Club, National Society of Leadership and Success, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honors Society and intramural sports.


Tip #10 Realize the first year of college is a huge transition.

Transitioning to college is a huge adjustment. You're at a new school, meeting new people. You're also juggling new responsibilities with new freedom you probably have never had before. This is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. So allowing yourself the time and space to feel your feelings, and adjust to college is crucial to your success.


Being a first-year student is an exciting time and if you use these 10 tips you’ll be on your way to having a successful first year at Hocking!

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