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Are you nervous about starting college? Are you worried about getting lost on campus or making new friends? If you can relate to these anxieties, then you should consider signing up for Hocking College's Smart Start.

What is Smart Start?

Smart Start involves first-year students coming to Hocking College a week before their classes officially begin to get acclimated to the campus and the surrounding area. For six days, first-time students have opportunities to take part in activities geared toward making their transition from high school to college as comfortable and memorable as possible. So, here are 10 reasons why attending Smart Start will enhance your college experience.IMG_0170

1. You Can Move In Early. 

Students who sign up for Smart Start
get the advantage of moving onto campus and into their dorm a week earlier than others. This is especially beneficial since you'll be able to get settled in to your new surroundings before the school year begins.

2. You Can Tie Up Any Loose Ends.

The beginning of the school year can be chaotic, so by attending Smart Start you'll have some extra time before the start of the school year to take care of any last minute paper work or errands that need to be done.

3. Find Your Way Around Campus. 

No, Hocking College's campus isn't THAT big; however, getting a head start on finding what buildings your classes are in will come in handy on your first day. Not only will you know where to go, but you'll be able to have a little less first-day stress._DSC0045-987595-edited

4. Learn More About
Campus Resources.

Need a tutor or a printer to print
off that research paper? Students who attend Smart Start will learn where important campus resources are located (such as the library for those late-night study sessions) and how to be able to utilize them to their full advantage.

5. Get Familiar With Your New City.

Moving in a week early allows new students to become more familiar with not only campus, but with the Nelsonville/Athens area. Students can explore places on the public square like Rhapsody Music & Dining, Stuart's Opera House, and more. Better yet, students can also venture over to Wayne National Forest or to Athens for a movie and arcade games at Movies 10 & the Fun Barn.

6. Get the In's & Out's From Second-Year Students.

Students who attend Smart Start will receive guidance and direction from second-year students serving as Smart Start Peer Leaders. These leaders are here to help first-year students learn the in's and out's of college, and give them some guidance on how to succeed their first year.14794614158_b6235135b6_o

7. Enjoy Day Trips to Surrounding Attractions.

What better way to get familiar with your new surroundings and meet new people than by taking day trips
to various attractions in the area. From zip lining to canoeing, these team building activities will not only get you out of your comfort zone, but will push you to make new friends.

8. You Could Possibly Meet Your Lifelong BFF.

Speaking of friends, with all of the fun activities taking place throughout the week, you're bound to make a friend or two (or three!). These new friendships you make are sure to last throughout your college career and maybe even your lifetime.

9. Meet Your Instructors.

Students who attend Smart Start will have a one-up by meeting their instructors before classes even begin. This is a great way to begin a dialogue with them so that if anything happens within the school year, you'll have that line of communication already established.

10. You Get a Free T-shirt.

Do you think we'd welcome you to campus without giving you some sort of cool swag? Nope! So yes, every first-year student who participates in Smart Start will get a free Smart Start t-shirt.

What Does Smart Start Cost To Attend?

Smart Start cost $275 for the entire week. An optional $105 fee can be added which would include your meals for the week. If you're a second-year student who's interested in becoming a peer leader, it will cost $100 for the week.

For more information about Smart Start, contact Co-Curricular Education Director, Kim Coy, by email at coyk@hocking.edu or by phone (740) 753-6539.

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