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The Hocking College Experience

5 Things To Do Locally For Spring Break

by Tim Brunicardi

Warmer temperatures, rain showers, and the sound of birds chirping can only mean one thing, spring is coming! And while a number of people are celebrating the near ending of winter, others have begun counting down the days until spring break. While some students may be hitting the road to the beach or back to their hometown, others will be staying put. Below is a list of five things to do for those staying local.

12 Tips For Your Summer Internship Search Strategy

by Tim Brunicardi

If you’re a college student in need of a summer internship and have no prospects in sight, what should you do? The following tips are designed to help you develop a job search-based strategy that could open the door to a virtual wealth of potential internship prospects.

Craft Yourself A Career In Fermentation Science

by Tim Brunicardi

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own beer, wine and spirits? Does the thought of turning what might start out as a fun hobby into your very own lucrative small business interest you? If this sounds like you then perhaps you should consider enrolling in Hocking College’s upcoming Fermentation Science program!

The Best Time To Look For A Summer Internship

by Tim Brunicardi

Normally, when most college students hear the phrase “summer job” they may imagine spending those summer months working at some boring, seasonal job. However, there is an alternative to summer job staples that can provide students with the chance to make headway into securing the job of their dreams.

Give it a Shot: Here's What It Takes to Become a Registered Nurse

by Tim Brunicardi

Do you want to become a registered nurse (RN)? The choice to pursue a career in this field will require applicants to perform certain job responsibilities and possess several qualities.