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With many businesses closed because of the coronavirus pandemic and many workers jobless as a result, some people might be considering a new career path.


In January, Indeed.com published an article with tips for people interested in changing careers. We'll run through some of them here.

  1. design-desk-display-eyewear-313690Take a Personal Inventory

    Examine how truly satisfied you are at your current job by keeping a journal and recording your responses to questions like, "What is it about your job that you seriously do and don't like?"

  2. Decide if You Want to Change Industries
    Find out if changing careers will require you to get additional training, certifications or go back to school full-time. Once you have all the facts, decide if doing whatever it takes to change career paths is something you're willing to commit to.
  3. Brainstorm Different Careers

    Do some serious career-oriented soul searching and create a list of different jobs you think might better utilize your talents.

  4. Search for Potential Job Matches

    Check out job search sites like Indeed and Glassdoor to uncover what kinds of realistic job opportunities are in your area or where you'd like to move. 

  5. Do Your Research
    Once you find a career path that piques your interest, talk to people you know who work in that field, and ask them questions about their job's pluses and minuses.
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  6. woman-wearing-blue-top-beside-table-1181712
    Make an Action Plan
    Learn what training, certifications or degree you need to enter your new field of choice and create a plan to help you achieve those goals. Make it a point to attend networking events that will give you opportunities to make connections in the industry you wish to enter.
  7. Rebrand Yourself
    Decide what sort of new image you want to convey to potential employers. Next, determine what steps you need to take to achieve that objective. Some possible suggestions would be to design yourself some innovative new business cards, update your resume or shop around for an interview-appropriate outfit that will help you look more professional.
  8. Mobilize Your Network
    List any business professionals you know who could help you switch careers. Connect with each of them and see if they'll put in a good word for you when a job opportunity at their place of business arises.
  9. Look for Hands-On Opportunities

    Purposely look for a job or volunteer opportunities that will allow you to become an intern for a seasoned professional in the field you wish to enter. This way, you'll gain valuable hands-on experience that will help you determine if this is the field you want to join.

  10. Consider Educational Resources
     Once you have decided what training or degree, you need to obtain to switch careers, actively seek out a trade school or college that can help you get that training. First, check out the school's homepage and then make arrangements to speak to some in their admissions department to answer any questions you might have.
  11. Develop New Skills
     Seize opportunities that will help you cultivate the skills you need to enter your new field of choice. Many times, volunteering to offer your services to charities or humanitarian causes can become great launching pads for a new career.
  12. Track Your Progress
    Record your day-to-day journey from one career to the next in some form of a journal. Make a serious effort to record — and celebrate — any small victories you experience along the way. This will help keep you motivated whenever you feel discouraged or get plagued by the fears and moments of self-doubt that many times accompany making a change of this magnitude.   

To read the entire Indeed article, click here.


If you're currently unemployed, or not satisfied in your current position, you should consider investigating what opportunities for change might await you at Hocking College.


Hocking College offers students a hands-on, quality educational experience that is flexible, affordable and applicable to their career goals. Founded in 1968, Hocking College is located in Nelsonville, Ohio. Hocking College also has two satellite campuses, the Perry Campus located in New Lexington, Ohio and the Logan Campus.

In addition to the school's on-campus residents who attend Hocking from throughout the United States and around the world, local students commute from all over Southeastern Ohio.


Currently, Hocking College more than 50 associate degree and certificate programs to choose from in the following categories:

  • Allied Health & Nursing
  • Arts, Business & Science
  • Natural Resources
  • Public Safety Services
  • Workforce Development

For more information, please contact the Hocking College Admissions Office by phone at 740-753-7050 or by email at admissions@hocking.edu.

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