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The Hocking College Experience

Building Yourself a Career in the Construction Industry

by Tim Brunicardi

According to a recent report from Fox Business, 80% of U.S. construction firms aren’t able to fill both hourly and salaried positions with qualified job applicants.

Hocking College Awarded Provisional License as a Medical Cannabis Testing Lab

by Tim Brunicardi

On July 3, 2018, Hocking College was awarded a provisional license as a Medical Cannabis Testing Laboratory by the Ohio Department of Commerce (ODC), making it one of the first in the state.

Hocking's Advanced Energy Program Provides Training for a Growing Job Market

by Tim Brunicardi

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, employment for solar photovoltaic installers is projected to increase 105% from 2016 to 2026. As a result, this job will bypass both nursing and other prestigious careers; and the need for solar photovoltaic installers continues to rise as America shifts its focus to environmental conservation and renewable energy.

On The Road Again: How To Prepare For A Road Trip

by Tim Brunicardi

For many, summer is the time where families come together, escape their everyday lives, and embark on road trips to various destinations. However, in the excitement of vacations, most people forget to check-off one of the most important things on their to-do lists: the safety of their car. You may be ready for vacation, but is your car?

Hocking College Celebrates New Straitsville Distillery Grand Opening

by Tim Brunicardi

On Thursday, May 24, Hocking College hosted a special ribbon-cutting ceremony to announce the grand opening of the revitalized New Straitsville Distillery, formerly known as the Straitsville Special Moonshine Distillery

Getting A Welding Certificate — What To Know About D1.1 Certification

by Tim Brunicardi

What Is A D1.1 Certification?

Earning a D1.1 Certificate is a professional benchmark that anyone planning to enter the welding industry needs to meet. This tells potential employers that the certificate holder has been properly trained and has the work experience to become a qualified and capable member of their welding staff.

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