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Craft Yourself A Career In Fermentation Science

by Tim Brunicardi on March 2, 2018

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own beer, wine and spirits? Does the thought of turning what might start out as a fun hobby into your very own lucrative small business interest you? If this sounds like you then perhaps you should consider enrolling in Hocking College’s upcoming Fermentation Science program!

What is Fermentation Science?

Fermentation science is based on the natural chemical process by which sugar is broken down into carbon dioxide and alcohol utilizing a single cell microorganism called yeast. However, most people would probably be more familiar with this term as it relates to the creation of beverages such as beer, wine and spirits.

fermentation science

Also famous for being one of the oldest forms of food processing known to man, the historical roots of fermentation science can be traced back to 1000 B.C. when the Chinese used fermented soybean curd to treat skin infections. However, fermentation science has been primarily used throughout history to produce beer and wine. In fact, according to most historians, the production of mead and honey wine during the Vedic Period (1700-1100 B. C.) predates the creation of bread. 

In conjunction, during Hocking College’s autumn 2018-2019 term prospective craft brewers who enroll in their Fermentation Science program can choose to pursue either an associate’s degree or certificate in fermentation science. Afterwards, graduates from this program will be able to tap into this thriving industry!

What Skills Will I Learn?

Students who enroll in Hocking College’s Fermentation Science program will get the chance to experience what its like to work in a nano brewery operation. There they will receive instruction in how to excel in the following skills:

  • Brewery Operation Procedures
  • Craft brewing
  • Culinary Fermentation Techniques
  • Fermentation Equipment Engineering
  • Fermentation Lab Techniques
  • Finishing and Packaging Techniques
  • Introductory and Advanced Production Processes
  • Product Analysis
  • Quality Control Techniques
  • Standard Sanitary Procedures
  • Winemaking 

Are There Any Prerequisites?

Currently the only prerequisite students need to enroll in Hocking College’s fermentation science program is a pair of steel toe work boots. However, students who possess the following academic skills and specific qualities will have a definite advantage over their potential classmates:

Academic Skills:

  • Basic Computer Experience
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Basic Chemistry Skills
  • Familiarity with Lab Equipment 

Specific Qualities:

  • Ability to Thrive in a Hands-On Environment
  • Attention to Detail
  • Creativity
  • Consistency
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Resiliency
  • Stamina

What Kind of Job Opportunities Will I Have?

Students who graduate with either an associate degree or certificate in fermentation science from Hocking College will be capable of filling the following positions in the craft beverage industry:

  • Beverage Sales and Management Employee
  • Brewer Assistant
  • Brewer
  • Brewery Manager
  • Cellarman
  • Distiller
  • Start-Up Entrepreneur 
  • Warehouse and Packing Manager
  • Vineyard Employee
  • Winemaker

More Reasons to Consider Hocking College

Students who enroll in Hocking College’s Fermentation Science program will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Hocking College’s Fermentation Science program is currently the first of its kind in Southeast Ohio. 
  • This program will be the first in the nation to offer students the opportunity to learn how to make beer, wine and spirits
  • Hocking College’s program will encourage students to think entrepreneurially and consider the prospect of one day going into business for themselves
  • People in the craft beverage industry have the opportunity to be innovative and create their own custom brands of craft beer, wine and spirits
  • Independent brewers/winemakers have the chance to establish personal relationships with their customers
  • Graduates will leave Hocking College with the knowledge and skills they need to make themselves highly marketable in the craft beverage industry 
  • Graduates will leave Hocking College fully prepared to work in the craft beverage industry in a variety of different capacities.
  • Hocking College is located near historic Wayne Nation Forest. 
  • Hocking College is the only two-year school in Ohio that offers residence halls
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