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Hocking College’s Criminal Justice, Healthcare Informatics, and Water and Wastewater Management Programs are now available online for students starting classes in the fall.

Aside from these three programs, many of Hocking College's general studies courses are available online, allowing students complete an entire semester or more from their home. You academic advisor can help you set up a schedule that's either entirely online, entirely in person or a combination of the two.

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What Are the Advantages of Taking Online Classes?

By taking your classes online, you'll save yourself the headache of commuting to campus because you'll be able to take the classes at home. In addition, you'll be able to have a more flexible schedule and can learn at your own pace.

Criminal Justice

What Will I Learn in the Criminal Justice Program?

The curriculum for the Criminal Justice Program has been designed to incorporate industry standard certificates and to maximize transfer options for students into bachelor degree programs.

Students in this program will learn the responsibilities and administrative duties of the entire criminal justice system. They'll learn about the U.S. constitutional rights of all citizens, as well as how to identify the three main approaches used to explain criminal behavior. Students will walk away from the program being able to write complete, factual, accurate and concise reports, as well as being able to use the Ohio Revised Code as a professional resource.

Additional skills students will learn from the program include public relations protocols and procedures as they relate to law enforcement.

How Will the Online Aspect of This Program Benefit OPOTA Certificate Holders?

The online Criminal Justice Program will allow officers who are currently Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) certified the ability to continue to work full-time while taking classes toward obtaining their associates degree.

Lea Wandling, the Associate Dean of Public Safety Services, noted that individuals who have already obtained their OPOTA Program certification will receive 13-credit hours toward their associates degree.

Does This Program Have Any Additional Benefits?


Hocking College has an articulation agreement with the University of Cincinnati’s Criminal Justice Program, which is not only nationally ranked but also ranked number one in the state of Ohio.

In addition, Hocking College has articulation agreements with both Ohio University and Franklin University; therefore, students wanting to pursue a bachelor’s degree can complete Hocking College’s two-year program and then go on to complete two additional years at one of the colleges previously mentioned.

How Can I Get More Information on the Criminal Justice Program?

For more information on the Criminal Justice Program, contact Ashlynn Lucas by email at lucasa35804@hocking.edu or by phone at (740) 753-6472.

Healthcare Informatics

What Will I Learn in the Healthcare Informatics Program?

Students in Hocking College's Healthcare Informatics Program will learn how to use classification software, organize and retrieve data, review the timeliness and accuracy of records, and assign clinical codes for insurance reimbursement. HIM professionals will also learn how to protect patients' confidentiality.

Does This Program Have Any Additional Benefits?

Hocking College’s HIM Program has professional partnerships with Fairfield Medical Center, Holzer Health System, and Camden Clark Memorial Hospital.

Additionally, students who take Healthcare Informatics will be eligible to sit for CSBC, CEHRS, and CAHIMS certifications. These certifications are accredited by National Healthcareer Association (NHR) and Health Information Management System Society (HIMSS).

How Can I Get More Information on the Healthcare Informatics Program?

For more information, contact the Program Manager, Jade Cover, by email at coverj@hocking.edu or by phone at (740) 753-6417.

Water and Wastewater Management

What Will I Learn in the Water and Wastewater Management Program?


Students who enroll in Hocking College’s Water and Wastewater Management Program will be qualified to become a member of a profession that helps the environment, provides an essential service to the public, pays well, and offers employees job security.

Some of the skills students in this program will learn include how to calculate water & wastewater flow rates, storage, detention times, volumes, hydraulics, chemical dosages, and electrical applications. They'll examine and compare federal and state laws, as well as regulations that are applicable to the water & wastewater industry. They'll assess and apply health, safety, emergency planning, and security practices & procedures to evaluate specific working environments.

Lastly, students will learn sampling and analyzing techniques, as well as applicable operation, maintenance, and laboratory procedures.

Does This Program Have Any Additional Benefits?

Ohio EPA certified operators may earn contact hours if requested and graduates may earn operating experience credit with the Ohio EPA, equivalent to a four-year bachelor’s degree.

How Can I Get More Information on the Water and Wastewater Management Program?

For more information, contact the Water and Wastewater Management Program Manager, Kelly Barron-Holcomb, directly by email at barron-holcombk@hocking.edu or by phone at (740)-753-6275.

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