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The Hocking College Experience

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Aims to Educate Americans of Online Threats

by Tim Brunicardi

Back in 2004, the month of October officially became recognized as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This was launched by the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a means to help all Americans become more aware of the dangers of being online.

Jobs in Computer Science Rank on Glassdoor's List of Highest Paying Jobs in America

by Tim Brunicardi

Glassdoor recently released an article containing a list of the 25 highest paying jobs in America, some of which students can receive training for in Hocking College’s Computer Science programs.

New-Collar Jobs Offer Opportunities & Job Security

by Tim Brunicardi

Currently, one of the fastest growing niches in the job market involves the creation of new-collar jobs, but what exactly is that?

The Rise of New Collar Jobs

by Tim Brunicardi

You may have heard of “blue-collar” jobs, which is the well-known term that represents those who work in the farming or manufacturing industries, but have you heard of the latest term “new-collar” jobs?

7 Benefits of Getting a Cybersecurity Degree

by Tim Brunicardi

In today's world, we hear far too often about companies or businesses being hacked or falling victim to a data breach. As companies begin to do more and more business online, it's no wonder why cybersecurity is a booming field and a career students should consider getting into.

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