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The Hocking College Experience

20 Things To Do During Your College Winter Break

by Tim Brunicardi

As a college student, you would probably prefer to spend your winter break eating, sleeping, shopping, and drinking Starbucks.

10 Ways To Earn Some Quick Cash Over Winter Break

by Tim Brunicardi

Traditionally, winter break is a time when college students try to relax, reconnect with family & friends, and take a much needed mini-sabbatical from their studies.

Homemade Treats You Can Cook for Your Dog on National Cook for Your Dog Day

by Samantha Crist

Today is National Cook for Your Pets Day and in honor of our Culinary program and our Animal Assisted Therapy program, we have compiled a list of simple homemade dog treats that you can cook at home for your pet.

Dining Etiquette 101: A Guide to Surviving a Business Lunch or Dinner

by Tim Brunicardi

Whether it's with a client, your boss, or a business recruiter, talking business outside the office can be both enjoyable and productive. One way of doing this is by talking business over lunch or dinner; however, with this business outing comes some dining etiquette one should always follow.

Did You Oversleep? These Grooming Products Will Help You Get to Class on Time

by Tim Brunicardi

During the week, most college students wake up with the same goal in mind: to get out of bed, shower, dressed, and out the door as soon as possible. However, some days that isn’t possible, especially when you forgot to set your alarm or have slept through it.

Passion Planner Donates Personal Organizers To Web App Students

by Tim Brunicardi

Students enrolled in Hocking College's Website & Application Development program this fall will receive a Passion Planner personal organizer.

9 Reasons Why Joining a Campus Club is Beneficial to You

by Tim Brunicardi

In addition to getting a good education, one of the major benefits of being a college student is the friendships you’ll establish with your classmates. However, the demands of being a post-secondary student can be incredibly time consuming. Most often, this leaves students with very little time to devote to socializing.

32 Financial Aid Terms You Need To Know About Loans

by Tim Brunicardi

Student loans can be confusing, even to some of the most seasoned experts. This list compiles 32 financial aid terms that will help you navigate getting loans so that you can pay for college.

20 Financial Aid Terms to Help You Complete Your FAFSA

by Tim Brunicardi

Applying to college is a big step, but now that you've completed your applications, it is time to begin filling out your FAFSA. For first-generation students, filling out the FAFSA can be confusing and hard to understand.

This list compiles 20 key financial aid terms that will help you navigate the FAFSA process at any college or university. Don't know what a FAFSA is? Keep reading.

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