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The Hocking College Experience

Top Programs at Hocking College

by Tim Brunicardi

Hocking College has 56 certificate and two-year associate degree programs designed to help students launch successful careers quickly. Some programs at Hocking College attract more interest than others.

These four options stand out as some of the top programs at Hocking College for students who want to get their careers started as soon as possible.

How to Become a Business Manager in Ohio

by Tim Brunicardi

Are you a natural leader? Can you make tough decisions under pressure? If so, then you might want to look at how to become a business manager in Ohio. These professionals manage an organization's employees and day-to-day activities.

A business manager wears many hats. He or she is a supervisor, a mentor, and a team player. A business manager is the "captain of the ship" — someone who navigates a company through choppy waters.

Convinced yet? Read more to learn how to become a business manager in Ohio.

Learning How To Deal With Failure

by Tim Brunicardi

Taking on college studies is a big change from high school or the working world, and — like any major transition into a new area — that means it’s full of opportunities to stumble and fail.

Success might always look the same, but there are so many different ways to fail.

Whether you fail a test, a whole class, or you struggle with a personal failure in a relationship or passion project, it stings. Failure is painful, but learning how to cope with bumps in the road — both little potholes and big detours — will help you learn from your mistakes and come out stronger for them.

Get Colonial: Harvest Hootenanny Will Celebrate SE Ohio History

by Tim Brunicardi

Did you ever wonder what nineteenth-century pioneers did for fun?

On Saturday October 28th, 2017, Hocking College’s Interp Club is going to answer that very question at their first official Harvest Hootenanny!

How To Apply for Scholarships

by Tim Brunicardi

Are you interested in getting free money to pay for college? Of course you are!

Get Creative: Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

by Tim Brunicardi

Living in a dorm doesn't have to mean giving up expressing yourself. There are plenty of ways you can creatively decorate your college dorm to add personality and style to your new space on a budget.

As you're planning to make your dorm room at Hocking College your new home, consider these 10 affordable, dorm-friendly decorating ideas. 

Stay Healthy in College: Dining Hall Hacks

by Tim Brunicardi

Walking around your college dining hall, you may find that people aren't eating healthy. It's understandable.

French fries, and steak and cheese sandwiches do tempt. Oh, and you can't forget about the bacon in the morning (yummy bacon!).

Become a Heavy Equipment Operator

by Tim Brunicardi

Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate Offers Opportunities

Growing up, did all of your favorite toys have a Tonka logo on them? Would you feel more comfortable working outdoors on a busy construction site than stuck in an office? Would you describe yourself as being “mechanically inclined"? If so, then perhaps it’s time for you to consider pursing a Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate at Hocking College!

Benefits of Taking a Gap Year After Graduation

by Tim Brunicardi


Taking a gap year -- basically a year-long break after graduating -- has become increasingly popular. For new college graduates in particular, taking a gap year means putting off getting that first post-college job in favor of traveling, interning, or just relaxing for a year. If you haven’t considered this option and want to determine if it’s right for you, here’s what you need to know about the problems and benefits of taking a gap year. 

6 Ways to Help You Save Money in College

by Tim Brunicardi

Feel like there's never enough money and you're always struggling to make ends meet? You're not alone. With rising tuition costs as well as rising living expenses, it can be a struggle to meet your basic needs and still enjoy your time as a college student.