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The Hocking College Experience

Top 5 Companies & Cities in Ohio Hiring Health Information Management Technicians

by Tim Brunicardi

If you’re considering getting a Health Information Management degree, but are concerned about the job prospects, perhaps you should check out the job search site Indeed. There’s currently a multitude of information on this site to confirm that getting into the HIM industry is a secure move, especially if you live in the state of Ohio.

Advantages of Getting into the Health Information Management Industry

by Tim Brunicardi

If you enjoy working with computers, being in a leadership position and would enjoy the job security of working in the health care industry, perhaps you should consider becoming a Health Information Management Technician (HIMT). Getting into the HIM field is worth considering for the following reasons:

What To Know About Becoming A Health Information Management Technician

by Tim Brunicardi

Health information management technicians take documented, or spoken, patient information and transcribe it into a digital format. These professionals also coordinate, store, and maintain computerized medical records. As a result, their efforts help doctors, patients, hospitals, and insurance companies all work together more efficiently and effectively.

11 Ways Computer Assisted Coding is Beneficial to the Health Information Management Industry

by Tim Brunicardi

In today's society, computer assisted coding (CAC) systems are changing the way the health information management industry utilizes medical coding. But what exactly is computer assisted coding and how does it work?

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